Are tarot card readings accurate?

tarot card readings

Are tarot card readings accurate?
My friend does tarot card readings & of course does mine for free :) Do you think they’re accurate? If you do, explain.

Answer by Pants Party III
It’s just cold reading

Answer by Rose
Do you really believe cards can tell your future?

Answer by Mark
They are as accurate as a blind man playing darts.

Answer by Lifelong Student
I believe the practice is demonic and not harmless fun.

I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses

tarot card readings

Accurate Tarot card readings website online?
Is there any accurate tarot card reading websites that I can go to?

Answer by Miss 6
Automated card sites are not accurate – a real person doing a reading for you is.
You should check out Angelo he is a very accurate reader.

Answer by Misscpb
Hello Melissa


Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

tarot card readings

are online tarot card readings as accurate as in person?
would i get almost the same result online and in person?

Answer by Ryan B
Seeing as they are both meaningless,


Answer by Ben V
None of them are accurate. It’s all a game of chance. A GAME.

Answer by Vampires are not real

Answer by Sabrina M
Not everyone who uses a baseball bat can hit a home run. So too tarot cards rely upon the person using them. Online it is only a computer.

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  1. SadharaSatguru says


    Online computerised readings are for fun.

    A reading from a real person however it is delivered can be accurate, obviously depending on the reader & the questioner.

    Face to face or phone can at times deliver more detail as you have a flow of conversation which you do not get via email.


  2. vid says

    If you get a reading from some that sends you the reading through email or an instant messenger they are just as accurate. If you are asking for the computerized Tarot readings they are not accurate.

    I would suggest to check out eBay because there are many good readers on there. Of course there are some terrible ones on there so be sure to check the feedback–not the amount but the comments people have stated about their readings. Hope that helps!

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