Does geting a tarot card reading and having a reading tell you about pregnancy mean that I could be pregnant?

Does geting a tarot card reading and having a reading tell you about pregnancy mean that I could be pregnant?
I am married and I do have sex so I amean I could be but I have tried for 2 years now and have not ever gotten pregnant once and if I have I did not know it. I just had a tarot card reading and it mention fertility and possible pregnancy.
my sister in law is pregnant. with a boy. but i already knew that.

Answer by Antony K
I’ve predicted a pregnancy with cards before. I didn’t even know the girl.

It’s entirely possible.

Answer by LaFleur
Yeah. They all do.

Answer by Helios
Tarot cards can be made to predict anything you want them to predict – just pick something and then fake a prediction – and there you are.

Answer by xheartzxchrryx
Well, it could be suggesting that someone you know is pregnant. Although if the tarot reading was for you, there’s a chance it means you are.

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Is it possible for people who have no psychic abilities to give themselves an accurate tarot card reading?
As far as I know, I am not psychic, but I would like to purchase a deck of tarot cards and give myself a reading. Do you think that the reading would be accurate, considering that I’m not psychic?

Answer by Cthulhu fhtagn!
Feel free to do it. It will be as accurate as any psychic’s reading.

Answer by triskalon
ok so I’m sure there will be lots of people who will disagree, but there is no such thing as a person without “Psychic” abilities. In truth Psychics are just people who are sensitive to their intuition. Since most people have shut that part of themselves off they may feel as if they have no ability. In fact Tarot cards are a tool to encourage and develop that intuitive nature and that psychic ability. That was the long answer the short answer is yes.

How to use the the Tarot cards for this purpose is a completely different question and answer.

There is another part of this question I would also like to address. It’s not a good idea to give yourself a reading. Why? Well when we give ourselves readings we tend to interpret things to mean what we want not what our intuition says.

Answer by Kitty P
Psychic and intuitive are two crucially different things, especially regarding Tarot and other Magickal practices.

Everyone has intuition, whether or not they really listen to it (or even know how to) it’s still something we innately possess and can use whenever we want or need. Tarot is ALL about intuition.

Each card has it’s traditional meaning (for example Death representing a great change) but a big part of Tarot is using the emotions and feelings you -personally- get by looking at the cards. Sure, the book says it means change, but you might be sitting there and just -feel- that the card is something entirely different. Maybe you’ll see ‘sickness’, maybe you’ll see a physical death. It’s all about how the card makes you feel!

Tarot is all about adding your own interpretation to the spread. Why? Because you’re the one that shuffled, you’re the one that asked the question and focused your energy into the cards. It seems reasonable that whatever you draw out has a specific, personal meaning to you – even if it isn’t the same one as in the book!

There are many meditation and Tarot contemplation methods out there that are very useful for getting to really know your deck, and these will help train you to actively utilize your intuition to get the best possible readings.

So don’t worry about accurate readings, just take your time to learn you deck, and it will just naturally come to you.

You’re a natural, you just might not know it yet. =)

Answer by V
Purchase the cards, have you any intuition? Listen to that, the rest will come.

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Is tarot card reading has been accurate?
I just want to know whether tarot reading is accurate or not?
Is it a reliable way of prediction?
i dont bother about arguements whether its scientific or not.
i just want to know from anyone’s personal experience in this yahoo group.
please,anyone to offer their opinion ….

Answer by Tomo
My magic 8 ball says no

Answer by Helen
If it is done properly, it can be an indication of the way the wind is blowing. It is not an exact science, and it is not so much about the future as it is about the present and the past.

People who take Tarot seriously generally do not use it to make predictions about the future, they use it to make sense of their lives and to help them make better choices and to be better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

It can give an indication of where you are headed on your current path. If you want to change your future, you need to change the direction you are travelling in.

“Tarot helps you meet whatever comes in the best possible way.” Mary K Greer (prominent Tarot scholar and author)

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  1. says

    You either are pregnant or you aren’t, and tarot cards are not a pregnancy test and not a path to fertility. You should have spent your tarot reading money on a pregnancy test from the store. Get one with a readout in words, because I can tell lines would confuse you.

  2. Elaine M says

    For pregnancy, I’d personally rely on a pregnancy test instead of what the tarot says. The cards can sometimes only show you what you WISH for or what you fear, not what’s actually there.

  3. Biddy_Tarot says

    It is certainly possible that the Tarot reading is correct and you are indeed pregnant. However, the most reliable method to know if you are or aren’t pregnant is a pregnancy test.

    You’ll also find that most ethical Tarot readers will not definitively predict pregnancy as it is against our code of ethics to ‘predict’ health issues. Again, the best thing to do is to get a medical opinion.

  4. KdS says

    Yes. I don’t consider myself to be psychic and I’ve always had good luck with tarot readings. It’s a learned skill — most decks even come with a little book telling the meanings. Being psychic is, meanwhile, something that just happens; the only way to learn it is to learn how to fake it.

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