Dream interpretation, Gypsy fortune teller?

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Dream interpretation, Gypsy fortune teller?
Anyway, I came out of the wagon and there was a young family with a young boy named “Bob”, whose fortune I was supposed to tell. I told them the fortune telling was free. (Yet somehow I knew tipping was expected). Bob picked a penny and I looked at both sides. It was a coin that I was unfamiliar with. It was as if both sides were tails. I held Bob’s hand and closed my eyes(in the dream) and started to tell Bob’s fortune.
I was in an old-fashioned gypsy wagon. I was fortune teller in a travelling carnival(or perhaps the state fair?). I was sifting through a jar of pennies. The pennies were to give to the people I was to tell the fortune to. I think their fortune was supposed to rub off on the penny. Also, I could tell something about the fortune by looking at the penny they chose.
. I saw a city start to form in my mind’s eye. It was the downtown area of Oklahoma City as seen from the west(our vantage point perhaps). It zoomed in on the downtown area with the skyscrapers. They were beautiful and I could recognize some of the buildings in the skyline. Then the vision panned to the south side of Oklahoma City, where the river is. I saw a cruise ship(ocean-liner) that was shipwrecked and damaged. This was out of place in OKC. Then I saw some damaged buildings as if damaged by a tornado or bomb. This was a little disturbing. I was telling them the fortune as I was seeing it. I didn’t want to tell them them everything, so I stopped. Bob’s father was crying at this point. I don’t know why. Then, the mother and father started to argue a bit. He had planned to go downtown, but she didn’t know about that plan. He said something about tripping acid downtown. The dream kind of ended then.
I have never had my fortune told or ever met a gypsy in my life.
Read the second paragraph first, the first paragraph second, and the last part last.
. The visions were very vivid almost like a lucid dream, but it was not a lucid dream. I’ve had many of those before.
No my life has been going the best it has in years. This fortune seemed to not be for me, but for someone else. I was the fortune teller.

Answer by Pamela Michele
Perhaps it is an event to come, or a simply a wild imagination, or maybe the ship symbolizes something, a major crash in your own life, I think we need some details, anything else bad happen lately, in your own life, that maybe spurred this on?

Answer by pestilpen3
Remember, all characters in your dream are you and you alone. Well, IF this was a dream. Lucid dreams teach us to deal with ourselves by freeing the inner-self. When you have one, you car release your potentials (read Patricia Garfield books). But it could be a retrocognitive dream. THEN, things change drastically. If so, you were in contact with a previous life as you described. A third option is you had an OOBE. Did you see your own hands? Did your eyes act like a camera? Then it was an OOBE. If so, a whole multitude of possibilities open. For instance, dimension travel, a visit to an umbral dimension (spiritual)… And even time travel. Maybe this is something you’re going to be.
In other words, I don’t know. No one knows but you.

free fortune telling

fortune telling…help please?
so this is stupid but i kinda want to have it done, does anyone know of a free physic or something online…please be serous i just want help
i wish that was possible, but they cant help me more then a physic

Answer by Darwin
Psychics cannot help you. Go to a friend or someone you trust. No one can see the future.

Answer by kilroymaster
There are many real psychic out there but there is no real psychic are going to expose themselves to the very real danger that exist in this world of ours……….. When psychic know that there are people that would harm them or their families to gain access to their gifts………….

free fortune telling

I want to write a book on the 12 different callings of the Christian, what books should I read?
Where should I go to do research for my book?

I was thinking of running a fortune telling business for free just so I can learn more about the people around me…

Answer by The Dark Knight
read the Bible.

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  1. jamellah says

    i have a very strange dream,pls i need your interpretation…

    “in my dream i was in a place not known to me, it was strange as i was walking a little boy approach me and called me mother i don;t know that kid or never seen it before that little boy drag me to hi place and called a man who is doing the carpentry and that little boy called him dad…..i was really surprised as i am not married……i really wonder what that dream is all about….”

    thank you for reading!

  2. Tiana says

    … I am just looking for someone to interpret my dream. I got a tarot reading today and I was told that I need to figure out my dream, because there is a lesson in it that i need to figure out..

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