Free printable fortune-telling cards?

free fortune telling

Free printable fortunetelling cards?
Does anyone know where I can find printable fortune telling cards? I don’t really like tarot and I don’t have any money.

Answer by ricnoodle
You can buy pokemon cards at the macs. they work for fortune telling.

Answer by Darth Severus

Answer by amleecdt
wait… you don’t like tarot, but you want fortune telling cards…. im’ confused.

You can use a standard deck of playing cards. look it up. 😉 you can print out the meanings of each card. You can also make your own deck. 😉

Answer by jck
try this

free fortune telling

Anyone here knows a free and legitimate fortune telling site?

Answer by Eric
Nothing in fortune telling is really legitimate… especially if it’s free… and ESPECIALLY if it’s online. Sorry, but that’s fact.

Answer by michaelstjohn2001
Legitimate and fortune telling in the same sentence?

Answer by Shorty
LOL good luck

Answer by Professor
When Dionne Warwick’s Psychic Friends Network went belly up, do you think they saw that coming?

free fortune telling

Fortune telling hotlines that answer for FREE ONLY?
I think it would be fun to have my fortune told, but I don’t want to get into all that business about credit cards, etc. So if you know of any efficient fortune telling phonelines please let me know! :)

Answer by Fire Byrd
aren’t they all fake?

Answer by tiaksmilesalot777
Lucky for you. I am a fortune teller online. Email me what you ask.

Answer by g-wiz man
Good luck to you. I think they are all in it for money, even the legitimate ones.

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  1. ◦☿◦ Marissa says

    Make your own. Give them their own meanings. There is nothing special about tarot or angel cards, except they offer consistency between card readers. Making your own will work just as well.

  2. victor 7707 says

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  3. Missy says

    Ya can go to free tarot readings and request a free readin and when ya get y atarot read ya wii have a option to print your cards

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