Has anyone had tarot card readings come true?

tarot card readings

Has anyone had tarot card readings come true?
I thought this was pretty cool, a psychic friend of mine told me i’m going to get pregnant and miss my period in june, I keep getting the pregnancy card in the tarot readings, i just got notice of my stimulous check coming soon and i might be getting a new job, i keep getting the financial freedom card and i am planning a trip to california next year or possibly this year if i get pregnant and i keep getting the travel over water card (which i live in jersey and will have to travel over water)
i thought this was pretty cool anyone else do anything like this?

Suggestion by jazzybee445
Well i have gotten a tarot card reading once, and everything the lady was saying to me was so true. She was explaining to me my past present and future and with the things she was saying about my past and present she was right on point. when she told me about my future the things she said were exactly everything that i wanted to do with my future so i sure hope that its true you know? I think that with tarot cards they come true if you really want them to and believe that they will. cause say you didnt want to have any kids in june and you decided that you were going to just not have sex until after june.. then that would make your tarot not come true. so i think that if you wanted to get pregnant and the cards said you were going to then chances are you probably will.

Suggestion by Kuhlena
I hope everything goes well with you! I kept asking my cards, (about two years ago) if I would ever have my little girl, always got the same answer, if I wanted one I would have to work for it, and try my hardest. Later that year I got pregnant with her, it was a battle to keep her healthy while I was pregnant with her. After she was born, I had to literally revive my daughter four times in one day, she was full term but weighted in at five pounds 6 ounces. After a very hard struggle, I am happy to say that My daughter just turned one and is a healthy happy girl, weighing in at 16 pounds 2 ounces!! Boy were my tarot cards correct, I really had to work at getting and keeping what I wanted. She is a blessing though!! I haven’t touched my cards since then, but I do still sleep with them under my pillow to keep my bond with them.

Suggestion by jenganesh3
My sister was told that the relationship with the guy she was seeing wouldn’t last and that she would marry a middle class drummer. she did. He used 2 be in an Elvis impersonation band

Suggestion by Dave F

tarot card readings
tarot card readings

Does anyone do psychic readings or tarot card readings?
I’m looking to get a psychic or tarot card reading regarding conception. Does anyone out there do this?
Charisma–I would definitely be interested :)

Suggestion by gutbucket
Yes, and all of them are fake.

Suggestion by Splash Frog
You have to pay them to be told what you want to hear..

Scam artists don’t work for free..

Suggestion by Tao Man
Yeah, send cash, no checks.

Suggestion by spanier88
I used to. There’s nothing “psychic” about it, it’s an age-old practice called “cold reading.” Don’t let anyone charge you money for this so-called “service.”

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