Hierophant and Emperor in relationship tarot card spreads?

tarot card spreads

Hierophant and Emperor in relationship tarot card spreads?
Whenever I ask questions about this guy I’m starting to see (who I really like) and our growing relationship – I get the Hierophant and Emperor a lot in the spreads. But I have a hard time interpreting what it means in regards to him and I.

What do these cards indicate in regards to a relationship or male of interest.

Thanks for the help!! These two cards have really been puzzling!

Suggestion by nondescript
If you look for correlation in the cards, you’ll find them. It would be more unusual for cards to all appear next to no other cards in previous deals. That’s just the nature of such combinatorial statistics.

The only thing the cards should tell you is that you’re interested in this guy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be fiddling with cards to try to predict your future with him.

Other than that, the cards just tell you how you shuffled the deck. It’s meaningless.

Suggestion by opinionatedlilbugger
What layout are you using and what are the placements of each? That will determine much of the meaning withing the reading.

Suggestion by Kelly
He’s going to be naturally smart, with strong instincts. Great common sense and charisma. Both of these cards represent thinkers who emotionally stable and connected with their thoughts and emotions.
Neither are show-boaters who put thought towards stuff before they act or speak. They do not leave the first sign of trouble. The Hierophant is a little slower moving in the relationship department, and is very intuitive. The Emperor has a bit of fire and may became a little jealous at times.

Suggestion by lavonne_parker
Emperor- Planned, organized, leader, can be selfless and controlling but believes himself to be protective and wise.

Heirophant- Wants to do the right thing, has a strong sense of right and wrong and is rigid about making choices that reflect that sense.

Both cards show that he works well within a system of structure.

He sounds like a good guy in that he takes his responsibility as a man very seriously and has a lot old fashioned values but his rigidity can feel controlling and at times unfeeling.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

tarot card spreads

Tarot card spreads, what does it mean?
So if i had a tarot card spread with 17 cards, what does the top line mean? My mum says it means it will happen within the next 12weeks. Is she right?
Also what does the celtic cross one mean, what does the first cards mean?
Thanks :)

Suggestion by Splash Frog
It means you played with pieces of cardboard with pictures on them. Nothing more.

Suggestion by Cletus
It means nothing. Tarot is superstitious rubbish. Just like Astrology.

Suggestion by carolyne
It is not about the kind of spread that you do (or the number of cards that you pick)! Before you do any spread, you should have determined in your mind which position will be focusing on which matter! I give you a basic exemple: 3 cards spread can be past-present-future.
Make sure your mind is clear before you do a reading, otherwise it is worthless.

tarot card spreads

What are good tarot card spreads?
If there are any online stuff I could print out that would be great?

Suggestion by Astro Lady
Sure, there are tons of info online.

Some of the most popular spreads are:

* 3-card spreads

* Celtic Cross Spreads

* Tree of Life Spreads

* Horseshoe Spreads

You can look for more here


Suggestion by Maralee Fox-Heins
If you are looking for something beyond the typical Celtic Cross, I suggest going to my site: http://www.maraleefoxheins.com
I have sixteen different spreads there from my highly anticipated book, “The Ultimate Tarot Spread Guide.” Just be sure to get my written permission first and give me proper credit if you plan on posting them anywhere or using them for anything beyond your own personal use of reading for yourself.

Joy to you,
Maralee Fox-Heins

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
Just google your question and you will get lots of information. It really doesn’t matter what spread you decide to use as long as you feel comfortable with it. It isn’t a good idea to change spreads often so pick one and stay with it.

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