How accurate are Tarot cards? What should one look for when trying to find a good reader?

tarot cards

How accurate are Tarot cards? What should one look for when trying to find a good reader?

Answer by Secular Penguinist
As accurate as random chance.

Answer by Haterbee Killingscock

Answer by fa fas
look for a con-man who can sell you a bridge.

Answer by Ben Dover
They aren’t. It’s all BS.

tarot cards

Tell me about tarot cards. How come they have so much power?
this question is open for people who know about tarot readings/ who do it/ interested in it…..if someone wants to say its all stupid backoff..i dont want to know how much absurd you think it is.

Answer by Magik B
The cards have no power in themselves. YOU choose the cards the tell you a story or information that you need to hear. It is a reflection of your energy.

Answer by marriedandamom
it’s the spirits guiding you that have the power. and they’re evil.

Answer by freddy
The tarot has no power.It is the reader and how they interpret them.The tarot is a visual point for the reader to see So it is the reader that has the gift and the tarot is the tool

Answer by baronvonstrudel
It’s not really power… it’s more like an alternate way of looking at your situation.

It’s sort of like having an English teacher standing next to you and when you’re trying to figure out some intricate symbolism, they give you a little suggestion and suddenly you’re nudged into the right direction. Except the the symbolism is a complication in your own life, and the teacher is the tarot deck. Weird analogy, but that’s the most apt explanation I can find.

tarot cards

Are gilded tarot cards and Rider-Waite Tarot cards inter-changeable?
I recently got into doing tarot cards and learned on a gilded deck and i was wandering if I can change over to a rider waite deck and the cards have the same meaning. Also do they look the similar and have what suit and what the card is like the gilded deck does or no?

Answer by bongernet
Yes, they are both 100% bullshit and therefore may be used interchangeably.

Answer by Jσαииα єνє JPA
Most decks tend to look fairly similar and have the same or similar meanings e.g. they will have a suit of cups and it will still have the same meaning. The Rider-Waite is the most popular deck and the one most people begin with, although as I’m sure you’re aware there are hundreds of different decks available today. I’m sure it will be easy enough to change, although it will take a little while to get used to a new deck.

Answer by Jennifer
OW can you improve your life and find success in the pursuit of love and money? Many people look to astrology for the answer. Every day millions consult newspaper horoscopes in the hope of improving their prospects. Even world leaders have been known to guide their decisions by the stars.

Is astrology trustworthy? How do astrologers make their predictions? Should Christians allow celestial bodies to determine how they live?

What Is Astrology?According to The World Book Encyclopedia, astrology “is based on the belief that the heavenly bodies form patterns that can reveal a person’s character or future.” Astrologers claim that the precise positions of the planets and the signs of the zodiac at the time of a person’s birth can influence his life course.* The position of these heavenly bodies at any given moment is called a horoscope.

Belief in astrology is ancient. Some four thousand years ago, the Babylonians began to predict the future according to the positions of the sun, the moon, and the five most visible planets. They claimed that these heavenly bodies exerted certain forces that affected human behavior. Later they incorporated the signs of the zodiac into their predictions.

A Long History of FailureThe Bible highlights the connection between Babylon and astrology, and several times it makes reference to Babylonian astrologers. (Daniel 4:7; 5:7, 11) In the days of the prophet Daniel, astrology was so widespread in Chaldea (Babylonia) that using the term “Chaldeans” was practically the same as referring to astrologers.

Daniel witnessed not only the influence of astrology on Babylon but also the failure of its astrologers to predict the fall of the city. (Daniel 2:27) Note what the prophet Isaiah had accurately foretold two centuries earlier. “Let your astrologers come forward and save you—those people who study the stars, who map out the zones of the heavens and tell you from month to month what is going to happen to you,” Isaiah wrote scornfully. “They will not even be able to save themselves.”—Isaiah 47:13, 14, Today’s English Version.

Apparently, the Babylonian astrologers could not foretell their city’s downfall even a few hours in advance. And when God’s own adverse judgment appeared on the wall of King Belshazzar’s palace, the astrologers proved incapable of interpreting the cryptic writing.—Daniel 5:7, 8.

Today astrologers have not proved any more effective in predicting significant events. After examining more than 3,000 specific astrological predictions, scientific investigators R. Culver and Philip Ianna came to the conclusion that only 10 percent were accurate. Any well-informed analyst could do better than that.

In Conflict With Bible TeachingsThe Hebrew prophets, however, did not reject astrology merely because of its manifest failure to predict the future accurately. The Law that God gave to Moses specifically warned the Israelites against looking for omens. “There should not be found in you . . . anyone who employs divination . . . or anyone who looks for omens,” the Law stated. “Everybody doing these things is something detestable to Jehovah.”—Deuteronomy 18:10, 12.

Although astrology is not mentioned by name in that scripture, the prohibition evidently included the practice. The Encyclopædia Britannica notes that astrology is a “type of divination that consists in forecasting earthly and human events by means of observing and interpreting the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets.” All forms of divination—whether based on the stars or other objects—violate God’s guidelines. Why? There is good reason.

Rather than attribute our successes or failures to the stars, the Bible clearly states that “whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.” (Galatians 6:7) God holds each of us responsible for our actions, since we are free moral agents. (Deuteronomy 30:19, 20; Romans 14:12) True, we may suffer an accident or an illness because of events beyond our control. But such calamities, the Scriptures explain, are due to “time and unforeseen occurrence,” not our horoscope.—Ecclesiastes 9:11.

With regard to human relationships, the Bible urges us to clothe ourselves with such qualities as compassion, kindness, lowliness of mind, mildness, long-suffering, and love. (Colossians 3:12-14) These qualities are the key to forging lasting friendships and strengthening marriages. “Astrological affinity” is not a reliable guide for choosing a marriage mate. Psychologist Bernard Silverman analyzed the birth horoscopes of some 3,500 couples, 17 percent of whom had subsequently become divorced. He did not find a lower divorce rate among those who had married a partner who was ‘astrologically compatible.’

Clearly, astrology is both unreliable and misleading. It could cause us to blame the stars rather than ourselves when we make mistakes. Above all, it is clearly condemned in God’s Word.

Answer by M (Go Switzerland)!
You can compare your deck to that of the Rider Waite Deck on this site. One of the best resource tools on the net…

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  1. CALLUM says

    They are a game for amusement and in the UK must be advertised as such. “There is no sense in nonsense”

  2. tonks_op says

    Good heavens!! They are not accurate at all. I know some people who make a living doing that off of gullible people like you. Save your money and go to a movie or something.

  3. kat says

    Reading Tarot cards is a gift much like prophesy. And it is extremely difficult to find a good reader. Have you thought of getting a Tarot deck for yourself and trying your hand at reading them? This might be a good place for you to start….((Hugs))

  4. Marco L says

    Actually Tarot cards are good to some”extent” but if you are having problems,its best to seek a Medicine Man ,some call them witch Doctors ,in Mexico they call them Curandero’s the real Wican type are called “Chaman”, “Brujo”s these types of people can do most anything ,They can remove hexes ,badluck , mishaps after mishaps , MOney Love Power ,Employment , but beware that there are alot of people practice these things ,that are not the real deal,It takes lots to find the real One, because the real Ones don’t advertise , its very unbelievable but true,

  5. Helen says

    I recommend that you find one via a reputable organization such as the American Tarot Association that has a comprehensive code of ethics for its members which you can read on their website.

    You can also get a free professional and ethical mini-reading via the ATA website (click on Readings tab).

  6. Rev. Lynn D. says

    Tarot readings are very accurate if the person doing the reading has real ability and is sincere and ethical. The cards do not do the reading. Our spirit guides use them as a vehicle to help the intuitive receive the spiritual messages.

    Don’t go to readers you don’t know. Get a recommendation from a friend or contact a New Age bookstore. They almost always have readers on staff or that they can recommend.

  7. lightningelemental says

    Tarot is a divination tool—meaning it helps the Seeker connect to the Divine. I’ve been reading tarot for 27 years and I tell people what is about to be revealed in the cards will bring to light that which you (Seeker) already know (even if not on a conscious level). I also tell people that what is revealed in regard to things yet to come, is based on your (the Seeker’s) present course of action. The cards reveal that which is needed to assist the Seeker–knowledge is power.

    The reader helps facilitate that connection. The connection is the result of the energy of BOTH the seeker and the reader. What will be revealed are things YOU ALREADY KNOW (although you might not be consciously aware–you already know on a subconscious level). I was taught to let the seeker shuffle and cut the cards and ask that what is needed to know be revealed. (Some online tarot sites are set up so the seeker can “shuffle” and then “select” the cards, but the best readings are between two people, not between you and a computer). Keep in mind, getting a “live” reading does not always ensure an appropriate interpretation of the cards. For example, recently a young woman came to me because she had a tarot reading and was told that she would become pregnant within the year. I asked this young woman if the card that indicated that was the Empress (and showed her the card). She said yes–that’s the one. I knew what happened. The reader was using a literal interpretation of the Empress. Most cards, in most situations cannot be taken literally (although sometimes they can be). The meaning of a card is most often symbolic or metaphoric. I held her hand and immediately knew to tell her that she would be giving birth to a project (and nurturing the project) within a year.

  8. Jan Ishmael D says

    It’s you not thecards your emotion affects the cards so it reveals what the future holds for you

  9. mithril says

    The power is not in the cards. The cards just sit there until someone decides to use them. It’s all about untapping the sub-conscious mind and being observant to the symbols and meanings contained within the pictures on the cards.

  10. dasupr says

    There is no power in Tarot cards, crystals, runes etc. What they give you is a vehicle for introspection, meditation etc.
    I read Tarot cards (as a hobby). I do understand what the premise of the cards is so that when they fall into a particular order, I can look at the interpretation and see if there is something in my life that is similar that I need to be aware of more. It’s not like seeing “a tall dark stranger” kind of stuff. Even the death card isn’t negative. It just means that there is an area of my life that is closing, could have been children leaving home, moving, anything that requires closure.

    There are no “evil” spirits involved. That is just tripe that religious figures made up. We are all in tuned with the Universal Consciousness and if we meditate and open up, we can gain more understanding of the world and our place in time. The above items are merely vehicles available to use for it. One could also do yoga, walk in nature, study a rock, etc etc. No one size fits all.

  11. LJR says

    All Tarot decks work the same way. The symbolism just varies from deck to deck, I have never handled a Gilded deck but from what I can see via an internet search the meanings of each card are going to remain very similar. The artistic rendering is just different.

  12. RW says

    I am not familiar with the specifics of the “gilded” set, but all “serious” tarot card sets should have largely shared symbolism, as MOST of the images in a tarot card set are “standard”, (animals, moons, ect) where the specifics, or additional details might be different.

    I mean the tower for example, iirc, will have a castle-like tower, with flames… heirophant? or whichever, will have the guy’s feet on a dog or wolf or whatever… those things are constant. but there might be different fine-details unique to that deck, or exactly how a point is represented, could be different. one deck a “cup” might be a different style of representation of a “cup” than another.

    but the set-meanings of the cards will be the same, though of course if you change decks the energy you have put into it won’t be there, and they won’t have the same personality and familiarity. as such meanings that are specific to YOU, as opposed to what the little instruction book and “standard” meanings, MIGHT not “transfer” (but, they might… lol) like if a specific card, for you, refers to a specific person every time for you, the new deck may, or may not, have that quality. its up to you, your head, and how you read it.

    at least thats my view. I have a golden dawn tarot deck… but I haven’t used it, or even touched it for more than a minute or two for probably 6 years.

  13. Sanford says

    the Tarot deck is dealt out in various patterns and interpreted by a gifted “reader.” The fact that the deck is not dealt out into the same pattern fifteen minutes later is rationalized by the occultists by claiming that in that short span of time, a person’s fortune can change, too. That would seem to call for rather frequent readings if the system is to be of any use whatsoever. Regular playing cards, flapjacks, and turkey feathers are also inter-changeable with no problems whatever.

  14. Helen says

    The structure and symbology of the decks are the same but the artwork is different. The RW deck is the modern standard in English-speaking countries and the Gilded Tarot is based on this standard, i.e. the RW deck came first. Most people who learnt on the RW deck (which I think is a good idea) like to experiment with other more interesting and visually appealing decks later on. It is unusual to work back the other way. The RW deck can be a bit boring to work with but it is good to study it anyway. It is nice to have a variety and be able to compare the decks and discover which ones you like best (sometimes this is a different deck for a different purpose or occasion).

  15. sue allen says

    its absolutley NOT bulls**t. i have used the same woman for years and everything she has predicted has come true without any promt=pting from me

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