How do you read tarot cards?

tarot cards

How do you read tarot cards?
If possible can you include a site with more info?
I tried google -.- I always do before I ask on a site where I’m sure to get stupid negative answers like this but unfortunately I have nowhere else to turn.

Answer by Stikkan
STAYaway from them!!!!!!!!!!

Answer by Independent Centrist
With tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Why can’t you do your own web search? Ever heard of Google?

Answer by sly phy

Answer by Jon L
With a huge amount of credulity.

tarot cards

How do I shuffle Tarot cards?
I’ve seen where you just shuffle them like regular playing cars, but it also says that some may be upside down. When I just shuffle them and lay them out, they’re always facing the right “positive” direction except for once when I forgot which side was which (damn symmetry) and my dog turned one around. How am I to do this so some may be in the “negative” direction?

Answer by I’m just me
that’s a good question. I always just shuffled mine and some ended positive, some ended up negative, I never really worried about it. So, I say, when you put them away, just don’t right them. I always turned them so they were all face down, but otherwise, I didn’t “fix” them when I put them away, I let them be.

that probably doesn’t help huh?

Answer by CassysTarot
I only read upright cards. And if one or two end up reversed, then I read that as significant. Some tarot readers will straighten all their cards in the upright position, give them a good shuffle, then cut the deck in half and turn one half around, reshuffle and then lay the cards down. You don’t have to force a reversal in this way. The cards can be just as easily read without doing it.

Answer by Meg
Yeah, to me I think it’s important to just shuffle the deck, I shuffle mine Vegas style, think about what you want to know. Place the deck down and flip the cards over one at a time. There is nothing specifically negative about each position, sometimes cards are better reversed then right side up.

tarot cards

What is the best spread when reading Tarot cards to predict the future?

Answer by Coop
they are a waste of time

Answer by Mark IX 3rd Account
A straight flush.

Answer by Bringer Dessen Plagt
Vegemite spread?

Answer by knightrider2007
Tarot cards are a pagan endeavour. Leave them alone and pick up your Bible instead.


  1. Nancy P says

    Celtic cross is the most common and accurate. However to read a person who is not present with you the three card spread works well.

    • TarotReader says

      They are not. The ‘Devil’ in Tarot represents a situation, a bad situation that you refuse to remove yourself from, but have the power to win over. (Lust, Greed etc…) Might want to read up on your history sweetie, and about 3000 years ago it was called the ‘Devils Picture Book’.

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