How Long Is A Tarot Reading Good For?

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How Long Is A Tarot Reading Good For?
For example, if I do a reading today how long are those influences good for? I’m learning to read cards but I can’t find this information anywhere.
To the non-believers: the cards knew my mom DIDN’T have pancreatic cancer when doctors with their tens of thousands of dollars worth of tests said she did. The cards also said mom would get an unexpected windfall. The next day mom’s sister died unexpectedly and mom inherited her house.

Answer by Jeremy
about 10 seconds

Answer by Tom C
It’s never good. Tarot cards are a joke. But if you really want to waste the time and money you could always pick up a tarot guide book at your local book store for about 20 bucks.


Answer by murtagh_rulze

Answer by attaynek
The past is over the present is here and the future is indeterminate.

How much stock can you put into a tarot reading?
I had my palm read and my cards read for me last night.
It was strange all the stuff that this lady was able to tell me about myself in the past and she didn’t even know me.
She told me some pretty point blank things about my future.

Does anyone believe in this stuff? If so, why? Have your card readings ever come true?

Please tell me the story.

Answer by Demonica
you can change your future . It depend on the cards to . You need to study the decks and see which one speaks to you. For me its the ” golden dawn ” or crowleys ” toth ” deck .

Answer by amymarie
I used to be really in to it. I still think astrology is cool, but I wouldn’t alter the course of your life according to your reading.

Answer by riverotter7
I’ve read cards for twenty years and I do believe in it, although I try to tell people that it’s their own choice whether they follow what the cards say. I’ve had many people come back to me and tell me that what I’ve told them has come true. It renews my faith in myself. I would dislike giving anyone the wrong road. I’ve often found that if you trust your reader then you are far more open to accept the reading. I also believe that your reader did tell you some pretty accurate things about yourself. Many people can tap into the Collective Memory and can use that for their own usage. Just remember that it is still your decision to follow or not, what you were told. Choices still influence an outcome.

Answer by Lady Lotus Moon
Yes I am Wiccan and I use those things as tools for my religion. People tend to think we are evil and full of crap until they “need” something or want a reading. We use these things everyday for messages and guidance from our ancestors, guides and the Divine!
Light and Love!

tarot reading

Can anyone do a tarot reading online?
Can anyone do a tarot reading online for me?

Answer by hieagle22
Tear out a coupon and send it in… soon you will hear from Madam Blotsky…!

Answer by Missemotion
I see travel around you,something with Business as well.I am not getting any type of relationship for a while.I do see two small male children around you waiting for birth,and an illness of an elderly relative.You will have a few issues with money in 2009,but you will be able to get help and rise above,God Bless

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  1. CassysTarot says

    Actually, if you are doing tarot for yourself, it is best to do an energy spread where you ask your Higher Self to show you the energy of…pick your timeframe….for example, three months. You can also do a Year Spread, where one card represents the energy for the month, each month. Make sure you write them down, this way you can track them and this also helps you to learn to read, because you will gain new insight when you reflect back on these cards in their respective months and what actually happened in that month. If you did not ask a specific time, expect about six months as a general rule of thumb. But it’s better to define the timeframe before you throw the cards.

  2. Marg N says

    some say a month some say a year and others say for life,

    It depends on who where when and why.

    I think there good for a few years

  3. allkoei says

    depends on the spread you use and the question you are asking. the usual celtic cross is a spread that is good for upward of 3 months. for a year use something like cross of the century or cross of the year. the more simple the question the less time frame a reading has. the more complex the longer the time frame is.

  4. old sage says

    No matter what spread, if the major arcana cards dominate the spread it’s good indication that the forces are pretty well set,This however doesn’t mean that this is set in concrete. Tarot only gives probabilities of outcomes. If things do not change in a person’s life this is probably ( not definitly ) what will happen.
    If there a lot of major arcana are in the reading uselly it good for about three months

  5. Tirya says

    I usually use the tarot for insight on a particular situation, not as a roadmap for my life. And there have been times when, in hindsight, readings have been very accurate.

  6. Lelly says

    I use the tarot cards to help me make sense of things going on in my life. There have been many many times the cards have been right about future events or even things in my past. Many a creepy time no matter how many times I shuffle, the same cards will come out. Now I don’t believe the cards are set in stone I just view them as a better way to listen to myself.

  7. starrwoode says

    the problem with card readings for the future is that they give you the future of the person and path you are on this moment in time, you walk out the door and you can take an alternative path and the reading is useless. pasts are much easier to deal with , but they dont change, whereas futures do, so i put my cards away, and gave up on it. Blessed Be

  8. singitoutloudandclear says

    they can be very true. but it was true when she told you. this does not mean you are not changing your future right now. the tarot card are supposed to open your mind to new ideas. they can tell you things that may happen. but you can always change it without knowing.

    blessed be.

  9. Myr says

    The cards can point to where things are going as things stand. Make different choices and it changes. I do my own cards and most times they are right on. Of course I have the advantage of knowing myself and what my circumstances are. When my daughter was pregnant, I kept seeing the hanged man, which can be a person in limbo, and my daughter had to have an emergency C-section because my granddaughter was stuck. This was also a month after she had gone into labour.
    I have heard the tarot cards referred to as a sophisticated Rorchack test, like the ink blots, and this is quite true. Because the symbols and pictures touch a chord in most people, they quite easily pull things out of our subconscious.
    We have most answers we seek in ourselves, but have a hard time recognising them. Other times they can open a linc for someone to see into another. They are a good guide, but don’t try to live through them. For example; end a long and successful relationship because your partner doesn’t have the hair colour the card reader told you your “soul mate” would have. I have heard of someone doing this.

  10. love to love you... says

    My nanna was a card reader I saw her work and when she told my dad that he would be a father to another son everyone thought she was crazy because my mother was well into her 50s. Well my father was asked to be god-father to a boy who’s father died. SO I got a little brother, he was with us throughout my teenage years.
    When my nanna died her cards were given to me. I know many people do not believe and it is easy to make fun of. But When I read the cards I FEEL. My husbands grandmother was in the hospital and we were called to get there. She was in a coma. Before we walked out the door I layed out my cards, and a feeling of peace went through me and I knew she past. I could not tell my husband that he would never see her alive again. By the time we got there she had past away.
    So yes I am a believer BUT you have to know that there are people out there that take advantage. So be careful and remember you are in charge of your own destiny. Cards are a GUIDE. They do not tell you the future.

  11. Edward T says

    the only thing she did is take your money/its all quessimates/answers that are comman to most people future get real

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