How many cards are in a deck of tarot cards?

tarot cards

How many cards are in a deck of tarot cards?

Answer by Agent319.007
78 total.

Do you know anybody who does tarot cards?
Can you give me any numbers or contacts who do tarot card readings over the phone?

Answer by Lia
na.,you can buy enquirer magazines and its has a few in them

Answer by Judge Judy
this is a good site and free…

tarot cards

how to use tarot cards?
I’ve just started learning how to calculate someone’s fortune using tarot cards a few months ago.
I started with a beginner’s deck of 21 cards.
now I would like to try out the 78 deck.
Can anyone provide me some guidance?
how to start off and some tips?

I’ve been helping people solve their problems with the 22 cards deck.
I hope to see things more clearly with 78.
hopefully someone sees this and help me.
thank you

Answer by shari
Don’t use them. The bible says they are wrong.

Answer by lupinesidhe
The way I learned to read them was to study the cards and draw the meaning from what you see depicted on them. This trick works with any sized deck. You should chose a deck that calls to you, not one that your friends tell you is the “right” deck. (I’ve had people tell me to only use Ryder Weit sp? because it was the only right deck to use, but when trying it, I couldn’t get an accurate reading from them. I switched to a deck that called to me and got accurate readings every time) Go to a store where you can buy them and let one call to you, you’ll get the best readings that way and you’ll understand the meanings of the cards far better that way. I don’t know why it works that way, but it does. Blessings and good luck.

EDIT: Lynn, my ex did the same thing with some of my books. Faery Wicca books one and two he burned…they’re no longer in print (and they weren’t at the time) and he freaked out and burned them. I feel your pain.

Answer by Lita
It’ll be the same. Find a deck of 78 that means something to you, or go with something traditional. Then use whatever spread you want. Use a mix of what the cards “mean” and what you see them as to discover what they’re trying to tell you.

Answer by Lunamoth3
1st don’t let the funless fundamentalists get to you. And please do not take this wrong, but pick-up a copy of the “Idiot’s Guide to Tarot and Fortune Telling”. I have directed people to the book since it came out. It really does have great over all info and easy for the beginner. My Mom gave me my first set of cards when I was 12-ish, I had a house full of teachers and opinions on various techniques. This book is close to having a card reading Mom around, I even have a copy.
The Tarot is very compex and really it would be hard to give you helpful advice in this format. However if you want, feel free to “E” me, I will help you with specific questions

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  1. Joan says

    You can also use the cards as a meditation device. Start with the fool and examine closely the cards and try to picture yourself inside the card and the meanings of that which is depicted in the card. For instance, the Fool has a little dog warning him of danger. The High Priestess is flanked by the pillars of Boaz and Jachin, dark and the light, ying and yang, male and female, opposition and extremes. The Queen of Cups has a deep sexual sensuality about her and desires her chalice to be filled. Start with the fool, work through the major arcana and into the minor arcana, study and learn each card, give each card your loving attention and pay attention to detail. I prefer the old traditional cards, the Golden Tarot is the one I use most often.

    I also use Tarot cards when working my spells, it’s a form of Sympathetic magick. For instance for my spells I choose a card to represent myself and or another person whom I’m casting the spell for. Then I choose cards that are sympathetic to the goal of the spell’s manifestation. Then I meditate using the card and have an invocation. I may use two to ten cards depending upon the complexity of the spell.

    And of course divination is a mainstay. I use the Celtic Cross always, I never deviate from it or use the abridged version. This is the best I’ve found for accuracy.

    It also helps to cleanse with the elements and consecrate by ritual all of your cards in a magick circle. I also meditate on each card and say it’s name out loud several times and hold it to my third eye. I also sleep with my cards next to me, and my Runes. This imbues my energy to the cards and runes.

    Before I sit and do readings, I light a black candle and say the following in a chant I repeat nine times; “Moon Moon shining bright, help me hone my inner sight, make my visions clear and true, show me what I need to do, whether cards or stones of old, show me what I need to know, guide my heart and guide my hand, help me see and understand, with harm to none and for the good of all, as I will so shall it be done” Use your witches ladder to keep track of the number of times the chant is said. Nine is magick in itself.

    Blessed Be

  2. Lynn says

    They come with instructions. I had new deck and even with them it was confusing and befor I could learn my ex-husband freaked out and burned them. Prick. They cost me $ 30.00

  3. Alexandra O says

    I was a follower of the Wiccan belief not to long ago, but I converted a couple months ago. I don’t think it’s wrong for you to use Tarot cards, like that rude guy posted there. So of course, I can help you out. When considering what spread you’d like to use for tarot cards, it’s important that you know what you’re trying to solve. If you are simply wondering what the future holds, a Lilly-Pond Spread will work. I learned this spread when I purchased a 78 card Mystic Fairy deck. It’s just a simple three card spread, straight across. You read the cards left to right, always place them face down first, then reveal them as you go along. The first card should represent your past, the second your present, and the third your future. There is also a seven card spread, that you spread from left to right in an arch or rainbow shaped form (this spread is also called Eclipse Spread, and can go in a V shape as well.) The first card should represent your past. Second is your present. Third is your future. Fourth is what you should do about your situation, fifth is your external influences, or what others think or say about your problem. the sixth is your hopes and fears, and the seventh is the final outcome. Another spread, The Celtic Cross is, in my opinion, one of the most useful and important spreads in Tarot history. It’s sort of complicated for a newbie (haha), so I’ve provided you a link of the spread image, with labels of what the spread represents.

    When you think you can handle it, there is a spread that uses ALL 78 cards, and takes up an enitre living room floor. It looks something like this.
    It’s called the Tree of Life spread I think, and it’s really hard. =]

    As for tarot spreads dealing with love, there are so many. =] One of the best I’ve found is the Lover’s Spread. With this one, you lay out all the cards face down, as usual. The first card goes in the middle of your third card (left) and your second card (right). The fourth card goes above the three.

    Like this:

    3 1 2

    The first card represents self-love and self-image, possibly your issue. The second card shows your love for others or portrays a relationship. The third card reps another factor, a problem with the relationship that could be unknown at the time. The fourth card shows you what is to become, what your Fate holds. This is something that you might not be able to change, so be warned before doing this spread, you could be severly disappointed.

    As for Tarot Card meanings, if you don’t know them for the 78 card spread, you should know about the Major and Minor Arcana. These are like the rank of the cards. The Major Arcana consists of your first Cards, The Fool, The Magician, The High Preistess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Justice, The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement, and The World. These cards are the most powerful in your deck, and mean bigger and more important things or relate to larger issues than your simple personal ones. The Minor Arcana shows you the problems or situations of daily life and emotion. It consists of everything else in the deck (the four suits, wand, cups, swords, and pentacles.) The names of these suits often change depending on the deck you own, but they are usually closely related, for instance, Wands could be changed to Rods in one deck. The Minor Arcana consists of Court Cards, which are the King, Queen, Knight, and Page of each suit.

    If you need any other information on Tarot Cards: Their spreads, their meanings, or even their history, my email is Hope you found this information useful! Practice with your deck, you’ll find they’re very helpful.

  4. This♥Doesnt♥Hurt says

    I purchased a very good book on tarot cards when I first started. It helped me a lot, it has all the cards with pictures and definitions of what the cards mean. I got it at barns and noble, its called Tarot plain and simple by Anthony Louis. It helped me a lot and even has some really good card spreads in it.

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