I have ben very curious about holistic stuff and tarot cards especially. so how accurate can tarot cards be?

tarot cards

I have ben very curious about holistic stuff and tarot cards especially. so how accurate can tarot cards be?
I have ben very curious about holistic stuff and tarot cards especially. so how accurate can tarot cards be? What all can they tell and how do they work. if some one well versed could answer this then it will be great,,

Answer by redwire
holoisitic medicines can be dangerous because they may not provide the help you need, medical technology has advanced since the use of holistic medicines -mostly all superstitions
-i dont believe cards can help you see the future

Answer by ☮ Pangel ☮
they are as good as the person reading them
some are very good , very accurate .. some not so
that all depends on how experienced they are or how naturally they interpret them

dont go in for the ” fortune telling ” nonsense though
as your future isnt set and no one knows what it will be
and there is always the danger of self fulfilling it if you are told by a reader

a reading should consist of past … in order for them to tell you things that you already know , for validation
present … for the same reason but also to be on track with the next part
which would be guidance
a good reader should only offer guidance on the previous cards
they arent a God or anything magical like that … they have no power

Answer by Surreal Dissolution
Tarot cards are as accurate as listening to the ground to predict the weather.

Answer by Steve B
About as accurate as any of the other cold reading scams.

tarot cards

How much would it cost to buy tarot cards?

Answer by death; wishing it near.
depends on the deck you get and were you get them from. they can be anywhere from $ 10-$ 40

Answer by R U gay for Moleman?
usually on the packet will be a small whitish label with a number on it, this is usually the price. But if you were really psychic you would already know that.

Answer by D
What price hath a soul?

Answer by maiingan2
It depends on the deck…could go from anywhere from $ 15-50 or more.

EDIT: Moleman – You don’t need to be psychic to use Tarot!

tarot cards

Can you look into someone’s past life by using tarot cards?
When I mean past life as in reincarnated from someone, famous or not, but my friend and I are very curious, most likely I’m getting interest in divination.

Answer by Badger G
Not with Tarot no.

Yoy may get better results with regression therapy, but don’t allow yourself to be lead by the horns. We are subject to suggestion, so don’t give away too much about yourself.

Tarot can only look into your present and near future. It reads the “Here and Now”. If you follow the advice you get from reading the cards, you can change things. For example….
If you drink, smoke, do drugs etc and the cards say “You will die”…they are a warning, not a hard fact. You can stop the bad habits and change what will happen in your future.

Answer by Casu.
No. Not with Tarot cards.
You need to use a scrying ball with a black bowl and some black ink in water. The scrying ball is better known as a crystal ball…i have never seen that happen before and neither will i try ti.

Answer by The Snake
Tarot cards are to be used ONLY as a guide.

Answer by Krys
Personally, I don’t believe in reincarnation. However, separately from that, tarot decks are not traditionally used for this purpose. Their primary function in modern esoteric use is for aiding decision making and for predicting the outcome of a specific scenario.


  1. Ankul Barar says

    Tarot Card Readings is not something which deals with core astrology neither does it have so many calculations but but Tarot card Reading is a tool which works with intuitions and these intuitions works in a mysterious way. A good Tarot Reader is some some who understands this and works with his intuitions at the same time with the learned knowledge in Tarot.

    I have been working with Tarot Cards and Astrology from last 7 years now and I thing which i have learned each day that I spent with Tarot was that it’s a tool which helps in development of oneself. It exists on the Idea of FREE-WILL. Here a questions arises that “Can then Tarot Predict future ?”
    Answer is a little tricky but the fact is “It Can you but can alter it and Tarot again helps in this.”

    Another Query which arises is ” If not Astrology then What?”The to this answer is “It has every possible influence from occults in it from Symbolism , Astrology, numerology, Healing, Affirmation, Colour Science, etc”

    A lot of people are confused about a fact that how few cards can predict future or tell about their personality; tell their positives and negatives just by the choice of cards they make at a specific moment.

    Another query that a lot of people have about tarot cards is that how can they be so logical as every other time a person will pick some other card then “How can it be accurate and exactly the same to what you predict in the last session”

    Here is the answer to it – Tarot Deck is a pack of 78 cards and every individual card have at least over thousand or even more meanings at times, how it works is that whenever a person picks cards for a session then those cards formulates a unique pattern which will again and again tell the same prediction as it was done earlier. The accuracy of tarot cards depends on how the enquirer forms his/her question, For Example: “Will I get married?” and “Will I get married in coming two years?” In these questions, the latter one will be more precisely answered rather than former one.

    Tarot cards are a great medium to know about yourself as it deals with past, present and future and at the same time and tells you where your actions or karma’s are leading you.

    For more information check out this website in the source: http://www.cardslife.in/tarot.html

  2. Tasha says

    I am a bit confused by your question. What makes you think that Tarot cards have anything to do with Holistic ‘stuff’? Holistic medicines and things like aromatherapy, acupuncture etc are complementary treatments. They are not spiritual or mystical in any way and do not rely on belief for their efficacy.

    Tarot cards are a system used for divination and have nothing to do with any kind of treatment or therapy. The cards themselves have no ‘power’ it is the person who reads the cards who performs the divination and so the result will depend on how good the reader is. The same thing applies to most forms of divination such as runes, crystal balls, even entrail reading.
    A good Tarot reader will often be able to offer insights into your current situation, to offer advice in how to deal with situations and sometimes to see the shape of things to come. However I would say that no reader is one hundred per cent accurate and you do need to be careful who you choose to read for you as some people are manipulative and only seek to fleece you.

  3. Raider says

    No the will not work for this at all. You either need to be hypnotized or to see a really good medium.


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