I want to get my tarot cards read, but i’m too scared, why?

tarot cards

I want to get my tarot cards read, but i’m too scared, why?
I’ve always been curious about it, but i hear things about it being evil and having negative effects. I was raised a Christian, and as much as i like to believe there is something out there, not really God, but something out there, everytime i want to get my cards read, my religion kicks in. Any info on the myths of tarot reading. I’ve had some problems lately and thin that maybe this will give me some guidance on what to do.

Answer by lovenatx3
I know why I’m too scared to get them read, its because of scared of the bad things that the future holds for me. But either way i wouldn’t want to know what the future has in store for me, otherwise life would be boring.

Maybe you scared of what bad things the future has in store for you as well.

Answer by Gemma
There is nothing evil about tarot cards or readings. What matters is what you DO with the information you get.

Educate yourself. Our culture tries so hard to make the occult seem “scary” when it is not. Even the Death card NEVER means actual death. The cards are more of a tool to help you understand yourself, psychologically.

Answer by Vincent The Valentine
Tarot cards aren’t evil. I’ve used them myself. Any other questions, just add details.

Answer by [[Wicca]] Lyssaaa. <3
Having negative effects is bull to me.
Some tarot cards symbolize bad things, but getting them read doesnt have negative effects. Some tarot cards symbolize death, bad luck, etc, so if you get those read, then consider to get bad luck. Many good things come out of the cards though. They simply describe your future, thats all.

tarot cards

Is playing with tarot cards the same as playing with a ouija broad ?
do Tarot Card open doors, like the Ouija Broad does?

Answer by inuyasha564
Ouija Board is fun, but it doesn’t “open doors.” It’s simply the ideomotor effect.

Answer by яi¢кy!³ ~P3D~
Ouija broads were too exotic and cool to play with me.. They always said either no or goodbye and certainly never opened any doors for me. I hear they like guys with crystal balls.

Answer by mjefferson96
Yes they do. You are asking someone other than God or Jesus to give you answers. You are opening the door for them. And once you do that, there are no guarantees on your safety. This is very serious stuff, and very real. My advise is dont even have them in your house.

Answer by david_moore31
Actually, no. They are quite different. Tarot cards are a tool you use to divine information, sure enough, but they are more linked to your own subconscious mind, and it is possible to just do a reading by the book without any spiritual connection whatsoever (not that it’ll be worth anything).

However, Ouija doesn’t do anything at all unless you are connected with a spirit being, and then the spirit talks to you one letter/number/symbol/word at a time. That is drastically different, and when it’s done wrongly (which it almost always is), can even be dangerous. Nothing is being “opened” properly, usually, but it allows for certain spirits which may not be truthful or even nice to mess with you. Tarot really doesn’t offer much opportunity for that to happen.

Both are effective and accurate if you know how to protect yourself and establish a link with the right kind of spirit.

I’d suggest doing some study before ‘playing’, as these shouldn’t be treated as games. I recommend using them wisely as tools once you know how, but if you want to play, how about Monopoly?


tarot cards

is there a way to make tarot cards from regular index cards?
i was wondering if there is a way to make tarot cards from index card…and is there a way to read them and know what each means

Answer by ttpawpaw
You can’t start with the total lack of knowledge and hope to be successful. It would be much better to buy a new deck along with basic instructiions.pp

Answer by Kenneth Duffy : ♥Breaker lol
google the card images, and recreate them on the index cards

then google the instructions

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  1. Mossflower Wood says

    Tarot cards are interesting and fun, but I wouldn’t consider them magical or evil.
    They are just cards.
    You might want to learn a bit about what Tarot is first.

  2. Tangled in Ivy says

    Hi. I use to read the tarot cards. I was given gifts from God that Satan used for his advantage. I realize that now more than you know, or more than you could possibly believe. My punishment is quite severe, and I am responsible for anyone I gave the wrong impression of Christianity to. I definitely advise you not to have your fortune told, or to dabble in any occultic practice. The Bible talks about this subject in detail, in numerous references and it is not to be fooled with. I beg you to trust me on this, and live the purest life as instructed throughout the Bible. It’s easy to justify one method of fortune telling as being okay where another isn’t. That is Satan lying to us, so he can justify our sins to God and wreak havock on our lives if we decide to change. This is something you do not want to experience.I hope you can be one I have made it up to. Love, Ivy

  3. Smith James says

    I would like to appreciate your hard work you did write this post, Thanks for sharing this valuable post. Tarot card is giving you a brief intro about your future. Tarot card reading is a process to know more about your love, health, education and business.

  4. srose_rwidow says

    That’s a natural feeling. It’s not really fear or guilt so much as it is tension. The idea of ghosts, psychics and the paranormal don’t give us the same feelings as God, grace and angels. The idea that we have that sort of power is overwhelming. Whether you’re having your palm or cards read or playing with a Oujii Board. You just have to remember that it’s just an experience.

  5. philebus says

    Well, there is nothing evil about tarot cards, or even anything occult. Tarot cards are, in fact, playing cards!

    They were created in the mid 15th century, commissioned by the Duke of Milan for the celebrations for his daughter, Bianca Visconti’s marriage into the Sforza family. A set of picture cards was added to the regular Latin suited game pack of the time. These extra cards took as their theme, not an occult philosophy, or any magical symbols but a traditional Christian triumph procession. Hence they were called trionfi, meaning triumphs, and from which we get our word trump – it was the invention of tarot that marked the introduction of trumps into card games! Some historians suspect that they specifically represent the triumph procession held to celebrate Bianca’s birth in 1425, which certainly seems fitting.

    Contrary to common myth, the church never objected to tarot cards, they recognized them as being both Christian and for card games. While out of context of their time and culture, many images, such as a Female Pope, seem exotic, mysterious and even heretical. However, they were all staples of Christian art of the time. For 350 years they were used for nothing but card games, at one time being the most popular form of card game throughout continental Europe. The games are still played with great popularity but in the English speaking world, most people have grown up with the occult myths that began in France toward the end of the 18th century.

    The point of all this is that divination with tarot cards is no different than divination with regular playing cards, dominos, tea leaves or knuckle bones. Do they scare you? They don’t scare me but I personally have difficulty taking them seriously – you must make up your own mind.

  6. Sadhara Satguru says

    Hello dtjoez

    Your fear arrives from the munbo jumbo that the media & religion throws at you. They are not evil.

    Having a tarot reading done or visiting any type of psychic can give you help, guidance & insight to your issues.


  7. philebus says

    Well, I guess it depends on how you want to use them. There are broadly three ways that people use tarot cards…

    The first and original way is not what you might expect and so requires a little explanation. Tarot cards were invented in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court. They consist of two parts, a standard pack of Latin suited playing cards and a fifth suit of picture cards. These extra cards took as their theme, not an occult philosophy but a Christian triumph procession – hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. It was the invention of tarot that marked the invention of trumps in card games and this is what they were created for, a family of card games that continues to be played throughout continental Europe today. The only doors opened this way are those to new friends – the games really are very good.

    The second use, more familiar to English speakers is for fortune telling. In that some folk try to divine answers using ouija boards, I guess it is a little like tarot. However, with Ouija people are trying to contact spirits – with results that are often easily explained away these days. With tarot, people seem to believe that there is something special about the cards themselves that reveals the future. However, without the occult origin that so many people still believe in, fortune telling with tarot cards is no different in kind from fortune telling with tea leaves, dominoes, or knuckle bones.

    Finally, and again very different from ouija, people often see in tarot cards a reflection of their own spiritual beliefs and use them as a focus for meditation.

  8. I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!! says

    Tarot cards can ‘open doors’ in a mental sense. Can give you more insight into what you are asking about

    i have used an ouija board and don’t find the two to be the same really. I had quite a bad experience with these boards and find tarot to be allot ‘safer’! haha and they are not toys to be ‘played ‘ with.

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