In a tarot card reading what do the following cards mean?

tarot card reading

In a tarot card reading what do the following cards mean?
kings of cups
knight of swards
kinght of pentacles
Knight of Cups

of yes and the death card. All these cards appeared in one reading.

Answer by goathead
It is next to impossible to tell what the meaning of the reading without knowing what spread was used and the positions the cards are in.
Individual cards have their meanings,like the stuff found in books, but when the cards are put out in a spread, their meanings become more refined and interact with each other to bring out a richer message than just what each card represents.

To really know the message of the reading I would have to know the spread used and what each position represents and if these where the only cards in the reading or where there others?

tarot card reading

is it okay to talk about your tarot card reading with friends?
i got a tarot card reading from this lady i know and i wanted to know if its bad to talk about what they told you like i was once told not to tell people if you get lempias. im just not sure about the tarot card thing

Answer by going postal Conquistadors # 91
it is okay to talk to your friends about it

Answer by Masked Person
It’s actually not a good idea to talk about it. I mean, there are no rules about it, but my grandmother was a reader, and she would warn us of the dangers of telling our truths…

Answer by To SatSun
Probably not.
I like the Tarot cards as a symbolic interpretation of life,
a bit of fun.
Like the astrology / 12 birth signs column in the newspaper.
But you are going to get some extreme answers from fundies,
who seem to think it is a direct connection with ?
Anyway have fun with it, and don’t take it to seriously.
I don’t know what you were on about with lempias?

Answer by andy e
please,you use a computer,a product of science and reason.Why not get 10 different readings from 10 different tarot card morons and see if they are all the same(which they should be)and not vague crap about”you will travel one day”or the letter B will be significant.

tarot card reading

What does it mean if you do a tarot card reading and most of the cards come from the major arcana?
I did a reading the other day. I was doing a celtic cross reading and 5 of the 10 cards came from the major arcana. Does this have any significant meaning?

Answer by yyyyzz (wise)
Yes, if the reading was for someone else – important factors* to be considered. No, if you are reading your own – means nothing. Can’t read your own cards, you are very, very biased.

* major arcana’s are easier to interpret.

Answer by auntb93
One of the first things you should do in any reading is count the number of major arcana. If there are more major than court cards and pips put together, the reading is more a character analysis and less divinatory. If there are more major arcana and court cards put together than pips, it may be divinatory but pretty important. If the pips dominate, you are looking at a pretty directly divinatory reading.

Answer by Miss 6
When I was learning to read tarot the Major Arcana cards indicated that it was more immediate. I also agree with auntb93 the reading does become more of a character analysis

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  1. bassetthound95 says

    Please, do not go to future tellers- they cannot tell the future. Only God can. So there is no use trying to figure the future out with a fortune teller. What if the tarot card reading was wrong?

  2. Dominic Wolfheart says

    Why do people come in here and comment if they don’t even believe in tarot cards? Do you people have a life???

  3. Silver says

    Whether or not it’s bad to talk about your reading depends on you and your friends. Are they going to ridicule you for getting a reading done? Do you feel guilty? Are you excited about your reading? If you are happy about it (or upset and need someone to talk to), and you think your friends would be willing to talk to you about it, go ahead! There is nothing wrong about talking with someone about your tarot reading. Tarot readings are a way to help you view yourself and the world around you. Don’t be ashamed and feel free to discuss it with whoever you want!

  4. Star Cherub says

    The more people you tell the better. They can help you figure out if the psychic was making sense with the cards or not, and if the lady’s advice was worth listening to or not.

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