In tarot cards, what does the devil card mean?

tarot cards

In tarot cards, what does the devil card mean?
my friend has brought these tarot cards from this store.I look at my card and it turns out it’s the devil card.What does this mean?

Answer by kyle
it means your fucked

Answer by Aurora Ryynänen the Second
disruption chaos

Answer by SMOKE IT!!
Temptation…like reading tarot cards. You don’t know what your messing with.

Answer by Jamie
There are two interpretations of any tarot card. When you flip the card it is either upright or upside down (reversed). Upright generally means you are willingly bonding yourself to a situation where destruction is inevitable. You are entering or engaged in something that will do you harm and eventually strip you of any merit or choice in the outcome. The devil card represents that you are strong and wise enough at this point to become either a great instrument of evil, or a great promoter of good. The reversed meaning ranges from illness to jealousy. It is a warning not to take the easy way out for it will surely harm you only to benefit another. I tend to pull the devil card for those who have a drug or addiction problem often as well.

What is your favorite type of tarot cards?
I am thinking of buying a new tarot deck, and was wondering what kind other people like to use.

Answer by silentjealousy77
alastor crowly deck

Answer by veronica1ramirez
NONE I think they are all evil.

Answer by london2007
ones that say i will live long and get rich.

Answer by missgigglebunny
I don’t have any myself but if I did I would like fairys, vampires, dragons, stuff like that.

tarot cards

I want to use my Yu-gioh cards for tarot readings?
Is there a book or a website that can teach me to use them in that way? I don’t like using conventional tarot cards.

Answer by webster

Answer by Jewish FMR-ian Pastafarian
I gagged on my drink for a second there.

Answer by Xavs

Stay in school kid.

Answer by Lulin
lol Jewish… you gagged and I spit out a little soda..
That was just hilarious

Kid… you should first know what tarot cards are before you try to play around, and no, you cannot substitute yugioh for tarot…
yugioh is a cartoon… tarot is a wiccan belief.

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  1. ladazzy says

    I used Ryder Waite Tarots for 20 yrs but now I use these cute Q cards that I don’t think you can buy anymore.

  2. Vaughn says

    I *love* the Hanson-Roberts deck, which was my starter deck, for these reasons. One is that they follow the Ryder-Waite symbolism, which is considered standard, so any generic book you get on tarot will apply to the H-R deck. Another is that they’re the size of playing cards, which makes them easier to shuffle. And the third is that the watercolor and pastel artwork is fairly non-threatening. Also, they aren’t terribly expensive.

  3. Zimmia says

    I use Sarah Hudes deck. They use the Rider-Waite symbolism and they are done in watercolors with old maps for backgrounds. When I first saw them I thought them beautiful and their symbolism makes it so easy for me to read with them. I know how the search can go – I became a collector because I was looking for the ‘right’ deck.

    Good luck in your search. Blessings,

  4. DannyGirl says

    First of all, tarot cards are not evil and they don’t channel spirits. They merely help you tap into your unconsciousness and expand your knowledge.

    I prefer the Rider Waite deck. I got my first deck for Christmas when I was 12 and have always felt comfortable with it.

    What deck you use is a matter of personal preference. Don’t worry, when you’re shopping, you’ll be drawn to the right one for you!

  5. Ancient Forever Lost says

    Its all a matter of personal preference really. I had a hard time with the “normal” decks because I couldn’t connect with them on a spiritual level. Some of the artistry was beautiful, but I never got a well rounded reading out of them. Finally I tried Brian Froud’s Faerie Oracle. I have always been visited by faeries, especially as a child, and I figured what they Hell! Its a beautiful deck to be sure, and I found my connection to them because of the sprites that visit me during my readings. Its a larger deck, and took a long time for me to learn. Sometimes what the Book said was the proper meaning of the card was argued by what I happened to feel it meant during the reading. Either its placement in my spreads, or the subject on who the reading was for. I found that when my instincts prompted a seperate meaning, it was usually correct.

    Another reason I liked that deck better was because it gave you a guideline on how to “feel” your deck. Tarot cards are just as personal as any other magickal tool, and you need to have a true understanding of their depth. Sometimes I do have a hard time understanding them because faerie’s love to see how others see them and would end up perching on the deck, or playing with the pictures themselves. But I still feel that I can get the best reading out of them.

    To find a “good” deck for you, head to a mystical shop. Most of them have samples of cards that you can hold in your hand and get a feel for. There are different shapes of cards and obviously different styles of artistry. Just keep going back a couple of times to hold and look at all the different styles. A few of them will pop out at you, for some reason they will just feel right. Just keep narrowing them down until you are left with your “perfect deck.”

    A general rule that my family uses is to read the Book cover to cover that accompanies your deck to learn the basic meaning of each card. After you know all the “book meanings” take the long, time consuming process to make your own mini book of how you interpret the artistry on each card with the original meaning. Try a couple of readings and if you are pleased with the result, then you are ready to use your deck anytime anywhere. Another general rule in my family: until you are comfortable with your deck and all its interpretations, don’t let anyone else handle it. Some members of my family never let ANYONE touch it but themselves. I bend the rule a bit, i find i get better readings for others when they cut the deck during shuffling, and then pick their cards from the deck when it is fanned in my hands. Then while they are still face down I let them arrange the cards into the spread. After they are satsified, I flip them over and finish the reading.

  6. Ms. Whore of BahbeeSwan says

    You can only use the original cards for that. The new cards are full of errors and complexities that the older cards didn’t have.

    I suggest making a Harpy Lady deck. That was my favorite.

    😛 I was such a dork…

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