Is their a way to choose lottery numbers using Tarot Cards?

Is their a way to choose lottery numbers using Tarot Cards?
I have tried using a pendulum but mine seems like a dud i thought tarot cards would be better.

Answer by The Undertaker
When you find out, please let me know. Pretty plz….. :)) I will help the needy with that money.

Answer by Saint
If there was any such way possible, every Tarot Card Reader in the world would have been a Billionaire. Am I right?? It’s not your pendulum which is a dud, it’s actually your brain, which is indulging into unproductive things rather than using itself for something positive. You are one of those who want everything without moving a finger. No pendulum or tarot card or any astrologer can help you.

Answer by Ananke
If this is what you wish to do, you may do so by dividing out the Major Arcane from the Minor Arcane and selecting the proper number of cards you need from the Major Arcane.
I personally do not use the cards for this kind of thing.

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Can anyone explain these tarot cards i drew?
i have been having issues with my friends (of like 4 years) lately, i just feel like they have gotten really shallow, mean, and distant. anyways, i decided to ask the tarot cards about it. i did the past, present, and future reading. i have the psychic tarot card deck and i drew: Past-temptation (usually the devil in regular cards) Present-fertility (usually the empress), Future-harmony (usually the lovers)
what do you think that means?? can anyone decode that for me? thanks!

Answer by possession
well the Devil card usually means a person who is prankish or addictive type of personality. It can also mean a relationship/friendship that has that same type of qualities. So it’s kind of like you’re not exactly good for me but I can’t seem to be apart from you type of issue. It can also mean a chaotic but at times successful partnership. Empress can mean motherly nurturing type of person and this can also be good or bad (will explain later)/ Lovers card is mainly about making a choice or it can also mean two opposites coming together.
However, in this spread I would say that because of the Devil card and the Empress card either you or your friend can be a tad overbearing or too motherly and this could be why it is causing the distance, she may feel smothered. The Lovers card indicates a choice- either stay with it or walk away.

Answer by Cindy
Here’s another way to view your three-card spread:

1st card: Your friends
2nd card: Your relationship with your friends
3rd card: you

Your friends, as represented by the Devil, don’t seem to be very good for you. And since they have been making you feel badly (about yourself, them, the relationship) maybe it’s time to ease away from depending on them for friendship.

2nd and 3rd card, the Empress and the Lovers. Looks like you have been doing the nurturing in the relationship. The Lovers card is also about deciding what your values are. If you feel your friends are being shallow, mean and distant, it sounds like you have already decided you don’t agree with their values.

I don’t like to end friendships because people can always come around, but I would certainly not hang out with people who didn’t treat me well because the cost to me is too high.

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what way is upright when reading your own tarot cards?
I am trying to read my own tarot cards, but I am not too sure which direction would call for the divisionary meaning, or the reverse. if the cards are upright, are they still divisionary if I am the diviner?

Answer by Pam Richards
Hello Ashley

Reversed cards are best used by the more experienced reader & are not a necessity. I have used them for over 20 years, never bother with the reversed.

There are upright or reversed simply by the upright or reversed nature of the card as it faces you the reader.


Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Generally I always lay the cards out facing me, whether I’m reading for myself or someone else. The idea is that I am the one examining the cards, so they should be oriented towards me, visible to me for examination (what is the point of orienting the cards towards the seeker when s/he is not the one doing the reading and needing to get a good look at the cards?) That means an “upright” (or, as you call it “divisionary”) card would be one where the bottom edge (or “foot”) is towards me and the top edge (or “head) is away from me, no matter who I’m reading for. If you are concerned with reading reversed cards, a reversed card would be any card where the bottom edge is away from you and the top edge is towards your body so that it appears up-side-down to your eyes.

I do not usually read reversed cards with a reversed meaning… this is optional and very few professionals bother with reversed meanings, that I know of. I usually turn reversed cards back upright when I deal them because I do not feel that reversed reading is necessary and also, I find it silly to try to read a card that is up-side-down to me since the image is what is important and the image makes very little sense up-side-down… it’s like trying to read a book up-side-down, why bother? I would also recommend any beginner with the cards try this method first because reversed reading is rather complicated and adds a whole extra 78 meanings to the deck which can be difficult to remember and work with. If you feel like working with reversals later in your studies once you get the hang of upright readings, then you can experiment later. Frankly, I think there is enough potential meaning in the 78 cards upright that reversals are redundant.

When I read for others, I deal facing me, but I do know that sometimes it helps to have the seeker see the card properly, so I will occasionally turn a card towards the seeker after I am mostly done interpreting it so that they can look at it and add any insights of their own, but then I will re-orient the card towards me again before continuing on. Occasionally cards will pop up up-side-down and I will intuitively understand that it is necessary to read read that card differently… sometimes, however, it’s not about applying a “reversed meaning” to it, but instead will be a matter of looking at what direction the character on the card is facing or which other cards in the spread that reversed card may be pointing to, but the meaning remains essentially the same. It’s a matter of using your inner knowing and perception to know how to read the cards as they fall.

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