Is there any association (or even many belifes) with reading Tarot cards and the devil?

Is there any association (or even many belifes) with reading Tarot cards and the devil?
My dad doesnt want me to read tarot cards because he says many people belive its associated with the devil.. is this true?


don’t worry.

Answer by Ben

Answer by Cookie
The devil likes all card games. He’s a fan of Uno, so burn your Uno cards.

Answer by Pangel – Love and Peace
not many people who do tarot cards actually believe in the devil
but the tarot themself do not belong to any one religion
but those within religions such as Spiritualism , Wicca etc are more likely to use tarot

tarot are just cards … that is all
the pictures are interpreted by those who use them
there is nothing demonic about pieces of card with pictures on them

tarot reading

can anyone offer a tarot reading on my current relationship?
am in a relationship with this amazing guy…but my parents are strict..too strict and dont really give me any freedom..we are ddating secretly and dont get to see each other much but he says he is willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. i’d like a tarot reading on this relationship..let me know if you need any details
we are both almost 17..he will be in april and i will be in july

Answer by Skittles
It’s best to get one in person. for me when i’ve given them I like people to touch the cards

Answer by Silver
The best thing would be to do it in person. Or, you can get a tarot deck and learn to do it yourself. I found this great website that has begginer’s decks. Check it out at

Otherwise, if you’d rather, feel free to contact me and I can do a reading for you.

tarot reading

Have you ever had a tarot reading before?
I’m planning to get one done. Do you think it was worth it? Or Why didn’t you get it done, if you never?
Did it come true, your reading?

Answer by two eyes staring cold in silence
i have tarot cards…..i attempted to read them….with an instruction book….but i fail….

Answer by Alice
I have my own tarot cards, so I do my own readings. I’m not superstitious or anything, but I believe they help. They don’t tell me whats going to happen, they just make me more positive. For example, one card is called “Surrender and release” which basically means let go of grudges, or guilt.
They basically clear my mind. Might do one tonight actually 😀

Answer by LT
Some things they get right and some things they guess i suppose they r full of sh#t and get paid 4 it i guess like our priminister lol

Answer by Tiffany
I’m too scared to get one done. I’d rather live my life happy not knowing what is going to happen to me.
But my mother’s friend did have one done. The lady told him he was going to die in a drive by shooting on a specific street. It came true.

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  1. Y says

    In the Islamic view, we have been told to stay away from anything which may involve magic or divination or seeking information from fortune tellers as it is an act of kufr (or disbelief) and there both dangerous and a sin

  2. Star Danser [Star Shine's] says

    Just because people believe something, that doesn’t mean it’s true. I think most of the Atheists on here would agree with me on that one.

    Edit @ wohaz: Yes, the Devil card and the Death card really seem to set off the fundies.

  3. Pinkyfeather says

    I am assured by some of my friends that this is true. Some of my friends used to read Tarot cards but burned them because of association with devil, so they say.

  4. Daniel says

    it is, its a source of seeing the future, which leads into magic then satnic traits, then next thing ur a satanic…. dont do it,

  5. wohaz in wonderland says

    its true that many people associate them with the devil.
    this is because of card 15(i think).
    the fact of the matter is that it uses partly western symbology in most decks.
    the devil happens to be one of them.

  6. Ilkie says

    Yes i’ve had a few. The idea is to think of a question concerning 1 part of your life. I have found the tarot to be informative and very helpful. It is not so much a prediction, more a guide to how things could go in different circumstances. It is always up to you whether you act on any of the suggestions generated by the reading.

  7. Scarlet MacBlu says

    I’ve had ameteur readings and a professional reading… the professional was just as perceptive as the freinds who have read for me. Yes, I’d say it was worth it.

    Do be careful when selecting a reader… don’t pay exhorbatent prices, it’s not worth tons of money. Also, don’t get scammed… if they tell you stuff that eggs you on to give them even more money, get out before you get sucked in… telling you you’re under a “curse” is one scam they often pull (and then asking for a lot of money to take the “curse” off of you)…
    Find someone who doesn’t pretend to know your future… no one can predict the future accurately more then a few seconds in advance.

    Me, I like to read more advice-driven in style. If you’re in the market for a reading, I’d be happy to help you out.

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