Jumper tarot card spreads?

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Jumper tarot card spreads?
When a card keeps popping out while you’re shuffling, what is a good spread to use on them to figure out what they’re trying to tell you? I suppose with cards like The Lovers or The Hierophant their message is more clear, but The High Priestess and 7 of Swords have been popping out (on separate occasions) and I wanted more cards to clarify, but was unsure if there were specific spreads dedicated to that or not. Thank you =]

Answer by Justin M
I use the jumping cards usually as the first card of the spread, especially when reading for someone else. There are times however, when I just put the card back in the deck and continue shuffling. If they are truly THAT important, then they will pop up in the spread somewhere.

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tarot card spreads, need help?
hae im just wondering all the different type of tarot card spreadsand what they are used for and what type of questions i shoukd use for them, thats all. thanks ppl

Answer by lboog
Check out some online sources

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What does this tarot card spread mean regarding my period/fertility situation?
The emperor on the current situation position, knight of swords on the actions to take position, ten of cups on the expected outcome position.

Answer by Miss 6
10 of cups indicate family.
Knight of Swords means to be assertive in your situation
Emperor is says order is needed.

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