Tarot cards: What does it mean when it says reversed position and upright position? Which one do I read?

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Tarot cards: What does it mean when it says reversed position and upright position? Which one do I read?
I have heard it means which way the card is facing but i shuffle my cards all in the upright position? So I’m confused.

Answer by Atheism Fails Again
It mean’s bullsh*t. Hope this helps.

Answer by Chelayil Jayakrishnan
In a few quests in Astrology using the “Prasna Margam”, I have sometimes observed some importance with the directions that the Astrologer faces while performing the act of “Prasnam”.

When the astrologer is facing North or East the results that gets revealed randomly seems to be having some immediate effects, whereas if the Astrologer is facing South or West, the results seems to be coming in the long run perhaps after putting in a lot of efforts.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
This is an option for reading cards. Some readers shuffle so that about half the cards are “reversed” and there is a mix of cards that face the opposite direction and come up “up-side-down” when dealt into a spread. When they come up “reversed” there are several ways to interpret it… it could be the opposite meaning of the card, it could mean the same meaning as the card but over-exadurated or it could mean the more negative aspects of the cards meaning. The guidbook that comes with your deck already suggests “reversed” meanings and you can use that book to help you figure this out.

Many tarot readers (and all of the professional ones I know) tend not to read reversed. A lot of tarot readers think that 78 cards contains quit enough symbolism to provide a good reading and doesn’t need to be confused by flipping cards up-side-down… besides, the artwork generally is intended to be viewed right-side-up (no painter or artist I know thinks about what their painting would look like “reversed” while creating it.)
It’s a personal choice. I choose to read all my cards upright and know plenty of readers who agree.

As far as “which one do you read” out of the book? PUT THE BOOK AWAY! Don’t use the book when interpreting your spread! The cards are meant to be read as-is… the book is merely a study guide for when you are familiarizing yourself with the deck and the system. When doing a reading, forget the book, even if you get “stuck” on a card. My young freind demonstrated this to me very clearly when she bought her first deck and the guidbook it was supposed to come with was missing from the package. She had no experience with tarot but gave me a spooky accurate reading straight out of the box and pulled a lot of the traditional meanings out of the cards just by examining them and talking through the symbolism she noticed out-loud to herself.
Try that… look at your cards and verbalize about the symbols you see and what they might mean… then apply your observations to the situation in question.

As far as studying, try this… get your guidebook and maybe another tarot book and go through your deck. Try laying out seven cards at a time in order (start with 8, including the Fool and then 7 cards at a time after that) each day… you could also do just one or two cards a day depending on how much time you have and how long you are willing to take. Examine each card and read what the books say about it, yes, even the reversed meaning. Journal about what YOU see in the card and how you see the guidbook meanings in the card and what other meanings they might have. If you can figure out WHY a card means “X” or “Y” and can come to a personal understanding of what that card means to YOU, then you will never need the book again!

tarot cards

Can anyone here read tarot cards, can you answer my questions?
1. what does it mean when the majority of your cards are all one suit?
2. what is you a doing a certain spread and you have a spot for love money etc and the card that is in that place has no info about the topic
3. do you say the negative views or positive views according to whether the card is upside down or not? how does it being upside down come into it?

i do have more questions but i cant think of them right now! Any help you can give me would be fab !

Answer by naomi s
I can’t sorry

Answer by Where is my mind
First off, the tarot will not give you a ‘yes or no’ answer so the ‘questioner’ has to formulate the question to suit that.. So if they were interested in cash flow etc (For a beginner reader one question at a time works best) the question might be something like ‘Give me some insight into my relationship with money/cash flow etc..’ this is usually asked by the questioner while shuffling and then the answers will come through the cards depending on the spread..

For one suit to show up dominantly (again depending ‘if’ a question were asked) then the cards are bringing insight or prompts within that area..

If your just starting out out, shuffle the cards while asking the question then cut the cards and deal the top 3 as Past Present and Future, again be open minded that the cards are ‘not’ as a whole but part of the aspect of the card will highlight something important regarding your question.. This will get you use to ‘interpreting’ the meaning of the cards ‘individually’ and then as a ‘spread’ as one card next to another often changes or alters the meanings slightly.

tarot cards

Are there exactly (and only) one way to read tarot cards?
Are there exactly (and only) one way to read tarot cards? Like for example one combination with like two cards MUST mean one thing.
Professional is there only one way. Please no answers from someone from Abrahamic religions. Thank you.
Professional is there only one way. Please no answers from someone from Abrahamic religions. Thank you.
Can I read it just from the book (Power Tarot)?
So I base on interpretation along the lines of the book? But not exactly the same?

Answer by Hal Roach
If there was, then there’d only be one book on the market. As it stands, there are thousands.

Answer by lavampdarkblade
Not at all, there are plenty of games to play with them.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Absolutely not! The cards may have traditional meanings and associations, but these are suggestions and guides, not absolutes. The cards only mean what the reader finds within them. And it doesn’t even have to be based on the traditional meaning. For example, I had someone once ask me whether they should take piano or violin lessons. I pulled the 8 of Cups, which traditionally is associated with abandonment, but in the deck I was using, literally had a piano in the background. The answer was obvious.

Let’s take that same card and apply it to a couple other questions.
“Should I apply for a job with XYZ company?”
8 of cups – Suggests no, abandon the attempt. OR, it could mean, yes, abandon your old job and apply for a new one. OR it could mean apply for this job and then transfer to another part of the country abandoning your previous home.
“Should I stay with my boyfriend?”
8 of cups – Suggests, no, leave him. OR it could mean, yes, stay with him, move in with him and move out of your parents house.

Even with the same question, you can see there are multiple options for meanings. That’s the job of the interpretor/reader… to figure out what meanings might apply. It’s an exercise of the intuitive sense… as a reader, do I think the card indicates leaving the boyfriend or leaving the house you grew up in or leaving the country altogether? Or something else? For some readers, one card might almost always mean X, but for the next reader, that same card might carry a different association, though it may be somewhat similar in theme. The cards are tools that can be used to tap into intuitive senses or even just as brainstorming tools. For me, it’s exactly that reason, the fact that the cards can have so many different meanings, that makes them so useful as tools.

When it comes to doing your readings, if you are a beginning reader, I would highly recommend that you DON’T read from the book while you are giving readings (even to yourself). The book is there as a study guide… to familiarize yourself with the traditional or suggested meaning. In fact, there are dozens of books on card meanings and if you look through them, they’ll often have different meanings for cards, though usually a variation on the same general theme… But the point of the card isn’t to just spit out rote meanings… otherwise the meanings would be printed right on the card instead of that beautiful artwork you see.
Instead, when giving a reading, look at the image on the card. Forget about trying to remember what the book said about it and look at the picture yourself. What do you see in the picture? A piano? A walking stick? A wreath? Why does that particular object or image jump out at you? What could it possibly symbolize? What is the sense you get, the feeling the card makes you feel? What is the person on the card doing, how do they feel? What would happen if the seeker (the person receiving the reading) were to behave in a similar way as the person on the card is and would that help or hurt their matter of question? It doesn’t matter if the meaning you find isn’t the same as the one in the book… like my example with the piano. Don’ try to “memorize” the card meanings and just focus on getting a handle on HOW the cards are structured and how to LOOK at the cards… then you won’t have to remember anything because you’ll see it all in the images.

Answer by Tea
No, there isn’t.

When you’re using tarot cards you have to have faith in the process or it won’t work. Tarot cards are part of the occult, which means you have to have faith that no matter what interpretation you’re using, the Universe or the Divine (or whatever you believe in) will only lead you to draw a card that has the exact meaning you are needing at that time.

This also works for cards someone else has drawn. If a person on Y!A asks for help with cards they drew, I have faith that if the Universe connected me with this person, then my interpretation of their cards is the correct interpretation.

The really good tarot readers are the ones who have complete faith in their interpretations because they know from experience the Universe does not steer them wrong. They trust the process.

Any tarot reader who says tarot readings are sometimes not completely correct is a reader who does not have complete faith in the process or they just don’t have that much experience yet. In that case, you should definitely believe them when they say their readings are not always correct. Anyone who does not have faith in the messages they are receiving from the Universe is going to second guess the answer based on their own personal biases or fears…and they will end up getting a less than accurate reading.

This is what I recommend you do. Instead of trying to memorize someone else’s meanings for the cards, look at each card and write down what you think of when you see that card. How does it make you feel? Then look up on several websites what the generally accepted meaning of that card is and decide if you agree or if you would much rather go with your initial feelings about the card or maybe come up with a blend. Do this for each card…learning how to read tarot cards well takes time so don’t be surprise that this will take several hours.

Once you have a general meaning for each card, start doing readings for yourself, family and friends. Make sure you have your written meanings close by so you can reference them. Trust that no matter how inexperienced you are, you can still be just as correct as an experienced tarot reader if you trust the process and don’t second guess. It’s a huge leap of faith.

Practice is the key. If you make sure to do at least 3 readings every day for the next 2 weeks, you will be surprised at how good you will have gotten…maybe even having them all memorized and starting to really trust the process.

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  1. GenuineReaders says

    Not at all. You can create your own pattern. That’s the beauty of Tarot. They’re just a way to communicate with the Universe. You choose the language!

  2. Rev. Lynn D. says

    No absolutely not. As a matter of fact, if you ask 10 psychics the meaning of one particular card, you may get ten different answers.

    Once a card means a certain meaning to you, stick with that and spirit will learn to work with you.

    When I was learning, I used a number of books and took the meanings that I felt each card represented. You are free to be very individual with this.

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