What are some beautiful Tarot card decks?

tarot card decks

What are some beautiful Tarot card decks?

Egads, the Thoth deck is butt ugly.

Answer by The Undertaker
I am not the best to judge this but from what I have seen, Dragon and Nefetari are very beautiful. But, I am not a pro at this and far from it :) There is ONE deck that did catch my attention and that was the Illuminated Tarot based on Rider waite. They are hand-made.

Answer by Hawkinsian
The Thoth tarot is aesthetically most lovely. I also find the Universal tarot deck a good education in world symbolism.



Answer by Giselita
Personally, I really like the style of the Art Noveau Tarot


tarot card decks

What type of tarot card deck do you use?
Was it given to you or did you purchase it?
Do you find that the deck given to you is more accurate?
Do you own or use more than one deck?
What types?
Do your decks follow any type of traditions or religious belief?

Answer by wmayers99
I have twenty of them – they’re referred to as packs and not decks – but that’s not a big deal. I use them now and then for entertaining guests and friends – they cannot be used to accurately and precisely predict the future, but it’s fun to do readings. Mine follow several different traditions, including Native American – but again, nobody should bet the rent on the predictions that Tarot readers give. Or on the I Ching, for another.

Answer by Jinny E
Actually, I work with Wicca cards, they are called the Well Worn Path. I think they are more accurate, and a lot easier to learn than the major and minor arcaina in Tarot.

Answer by Hatir Ba Loon
Three – Rider/Waite – Arthurian Tarot – Mage the Ascension
All were purchased by me..

All three are based off of the Rider/Waite deck, but the Arthurian has a bit of Celtic undertones to it, and the Mage the Ascension deck is from the White Wolf games, Mage the Ascension.

Answer by erick
Haven’t seriously read for several years, but I have a Rider-Waite deck and a novelty Peanuts mini-tarot (contains only the major arcana), but when I read, I use the Mythic Tarot…especially like the illustrations.

Bought them all myself, so can’t say about that question

tarot card decks

Is there a horse themed tarot card deck?
I’m looking for a decent horse-themed tarot card deck. And if I can push it a bit further, a unicorn deck would be great too. Please keep rude comments to yourself.

Answer by Corey

Answer by lboog
Never heard of one,

Answer by Helen
Do unicorns count?:-)

The 4 knights are usually on horseback in most decks.

You might like the Buckland Romani (gypsy) deck as horses feature quite a bit. It is available directly from the publisher Galde Press.

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  1. Cheryl E says

    I have two: the Crystal Tarot and the Mythic Tarot. I use the Crystal Tarot primarily because I have small hands and the cards are a bit smaller and easier for me to handle. I chose the Crystal Tarot because of the jewel tone colors and the sort of cubist design. I bought the Mythic Tarot because I love the interepretations in the companion book, but I don’t use it much due to its size. I bought both myself. I yearn to have the Lovecraft Tarot, but unfortunately it’s a bit out of my price range.

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