What do these tarot cards mean?

tarot cards

What do these tarot cards mean?
did a tarot card reading on me and a guy that I like.

How he feels about me: Empress
How he sees me: Empress
How I feel about him: Lovers reversed
How I see him: Page of Pentacles
The outcome if we dated: Magician

And I also drew cards on how certain people see/feel about me. I always get the Empress and queen of cups. What does this mean?

Answer by Tristan

Answer by Mystic
The empress is growth, growing, with affection, how you feel about him is on the fence, you just not sure, or clear, and it could have something to do with his past. You may also feel he needs to be more directed in goals, and more focused. At times you see him as playful, then other times, it seems so immature. The magician, could mean good elements with the union.

tarot cards

Is it sinful to use Tarot cards as a “con”?
Is it sinful to use Tarot cards as a way to earn money without actually believing in the “guardian angel” who helps you to read them?

My sister does it all the time, it’s her way of earning money.

Answer by Flying Penguins.
What else would you use Tarot cards for?

Answer by Troy Mustang
if idiots believe her, it’s their fault for being so stupid.

Answer by Hazzardous
As sinful as using a BOOK!

Answer by olderman
I thought that folks who go to have their cards read were paying to be conned.

tarot cards

How do u read Tarot Cards or Deck of Playing Cards?
Please tell me how do u read tarot card’s. I also heard that u can use a deck of playing cards and if u can how do u read those??????

Answer by justbeingher
There is no way to give such a detailed answer on here. Get a book on Tarot and study the cards. It’s fun.

Answer by silverdolffyn
It’s a little more involved than something you can plonk onto a message board. It takes a lot of study, meditation and focus-work as well as patience. I’ve never used a regular card deck, only tarot decks – but I suggest you start out with a “gentle” deck like the Connolly deck or the Robin Wood deck – find one that has images that are pleasing to you and that you feel drawn to – don’t just pick a deck off the shelf and call it good. There’s a fair amount of info on www.witchvox.com and readers and info on the e-list and website www.witchgrove.org but I’ll warn you now: These folks take it seriously and will expect you to do the same if you’re really wanting to learn.

Answer by theminchiman
There is not enough time or space in this format to answer your question. Try us here:


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  1. anthony h says

    Yes it is wrong, and it is sinful, it is playing with strange fire and romancing spirits. God forbids this and warned us not to do it.

    Your sister may only see it as a way to make money, but in the end it goes a lot deeper than that. If you have a mind to speak to her about it, be gentle, and speak only facts. Ask the Lord to give you what to say. He will. Agree to disagree about it if she won’t stop. Love her, and be a light, she is your blood and your sister.



    it’s always a sin to lie and steel.
    if she knows how to read their meaning, she could do it for entertainment. but rune stones are more fun.

  3. Jtk says

    Consider that just because your sis doesn’t overtly belief the same thing as you, the basis of her insight into the readings could well be the same source, just different language to explain how she does it.

    Whether it’s angels, her intuition, the power of the archetypes in the cards, another divine or spiritual source – these could ultimately be the same source you define as “guardian angel”. The cool thing about being human is our diversity. Ultimately we all are one, coming from the same Source (God if you will).

    So you could open your mind and heart to your sister. You may well be in more agreement than you think, you just speak a different language.

    This is all assuming that she isn’t just B.S.’ing people by asking leading questions to them and telling them what they want to hear. You didn’t say that, so I assume not.

    I am Angel Therapy Practitioner, and have done a lot of tarot card readings in the past and researched the history of tarot. I have personally never combined tarot cards and angel readings. It’s totally possible and sounds great. I respect both, yet haven’t myself defined tart card readings as using ones guardian angels to help read them.

    Hope that helps.

    Much love to you,

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