What do you think about Tarot cards and tarot readings?

tarot cards

What do you think about Tarot cards and tarot readings?
i.e. do you believe tarot readings are for entertainment only or you believe the tarot can actually give you intuitive answers and accurate information? Any experiences? Thanks.

Answer by Melanie M
I just had my cards read on Tuesday and the person that did them hit many thing right on that are not common. I beleive them if the person is a good reader

Answer by wolf
it deepens on your frame of mind, yes they can help and yes I do use them , but I refer the touching method I get more information that way from the person That I’m reading for.

Answer by AdnaPidna
Accuracy? Sure. Because if you’re told a “prophecy” you’re able to make it come true.

They’re for fun. They’re also for peace of mind. They can also be for learning. The ability to open your mind to other things is a GREAT thing to have because it helps you to think out of the box.

Answer by Goddess Nikki
I’ve been reading tarot and giving readings (I’ve never once charged any kind of money) for over 10 years. It can be extremely accurate. What you have to understand about that though, is the cards themselves have no power of their own. It all comes from the reader. The cards simply act as a medium for the reader to receive and interpret information.

tarot cards

Is it possible to use tarot cards for introspection?
You know like to bring what’s going on with you into the real world. Using it to help you find solution to issues or just to help you plan better.

Answer by TheKitten
Any system of symbols can be used that way. What you see in the symbol is mostly what you project from yourself.

Answer by Blackacre
Sure. Or kindling.

Answer by LJR
Of course. It is their only proper use.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Yes they can. I don’t recommend using them when you have a situation where you are very upset or emotional. Wait until you feel calm and relaxed and in good spirits.

tarot cards

What do these 2 tarot cards mean?
I pulled the lovers tarot card, and the queen of cups when doing a reading for someone asking if “A” wants to have a romantic relationship with “B”?. To me this is pretty positive,but I don’t want to give them the wrong interpretation of this. If someone could help that would be great! :) only believers please?

Answer by ♥נα∂єѕмιℓєz
You have a ginormous forehead.

Answer by Maria Haagen-dazs
Obvious ‘yes!’.
Love, Maria (tarot reader)


  1. tigglys says

    Sometimes I have had really good readings, sometimes not. I think it depends on the person doing the reading – as well as the cards. Sometimes you just get the feeling that it isn’t going to be very accurate.

    I think sometimes it gives us a new way of looking at things – and I like that.

  2. GREEN EYES says

    not a believer….sorry….its just to fake…plus i dont like to believe that im not in control of my life and that cards being flipped determine my destiny…..

  3. Scarlet says

    Tarot cards, fortune tellers, tellers etc are all fakes. no one can predict the future and I mean no one. When people dabble in these things they do so because they are usually unhappy with their present and want to see what’s new just round the corner. i don’t believe they are entertaining – people are influenced by them – some become obsessed and spend fortunes. Please leave these things alone.

  4. krennao says

    I have seen fakes and people who I believe are genuine. Healthy skepticism is always good to have though.

  5. spark8118 says

    I beleive they can help you. I read cards and have been able to answer a lot of my own life’s questions with them. They are a guide.

  6. BlueLadyBlue R says

    Its not the cards its the reader. Anyone can use tarot but not everyone can tell you accurate things about you that only you and you alone know. So look for a good reader. I am a clairvoyant here in Canada with a large following. People who have not experienced anything in their lives and people with close mindedness will tell you its not possible but they are usually people who havent experienced too much out of the norm or religious fanatics. My ability is from God so I am happy with my ability and how I have helped hundreds over the years.

  7. Dubi says

    It is my experience that when ever one trys for answers through anything other than prayer to God. There are other entities out there who are more than willing to answer and accurately. However, they will give you 9 truths to get you to believe one lie. Believe me that one lie can eventually destroy your life. It may seem fun and games but you have no idea what the future concequences can do. Be careful………..

  8. peace_by_moonlight says

    I have been reading Tarot for about two years now. They can extremely accurate. But the accuracy of them depends entirely on the reader. The cards are a tool. I have read the cards for many people, some that I knew and some that I had just met.

    Always the cards have been accurate, sometimes more information is given then others but overall I would say that they work.

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