where can i buy a tarot card decks in indonesia?

tarot card decks

where can i buy a tarot card decks in indonesia?
the tarot card decks is not a playing card instead is a card that usually been used by a gypsy…

Suggestion by Otero
Idk. Best Buy…

Suggestion by Rieke
If you live in Jakarta you can go to bookstores like Kinokuniya, QB or you can go to Mal Ambassador – there’s a magic-spiritual counter that sells anything magic related.

tarot card decks

Cheaper tarot card decks in NYC?
I want to buy a deck of tarot cards and a good decent book to help me read them. I dont want a cheap little thin book. I want something thats understandable. If anyone can reccomend a good deck or set for Aquarians or stores I’d appreciate it.
What deck do you prefer and how do you consult the cards? Thanks.
I’m a teen looking for my first deck. Something I can call my own. Connect to. Anything like Barnes and Nobles is fine.

Suggestion by Midnyte
No one can find a perfect deck for you. Different people have different likes/dislikes. You should look for a deck which you feel comfortable with.

My suggestions:
1. There are decks that would be easier for beginners to use. Like Rider-Waite decks. Plus you can find a lot of books published based on these decks.
2. There are a lot of different decks based on different belief systems, like pagan, christian, eastern thought, etc. Different themes, like fantasy, nature, manga, astrology, history, even books.
3. Browse through Aeclectic.net. Look at pictures, see what you like and what you might connect with. Or you might go to your local metaphysical bookstore, sometimes they have of a lot of demo decks for you to actually touch and feel.
4. As far as a good decent book, I like “Complete Tarot Reader” by Teresa Michelsen. It is a self-study tarot book, which will help you to develop your personal tarot relationship, not just give you basic meanings of the cards. Plus you can use this book with any deck you purchased.
5. Do not believe in “bad luck to buy a 1st deck”.
6. Your mentioning of your age means that you can’t order nothing online? Because online stores can provide you with much better selection than Barnes and Nobles. In my opinion selection there is poor and tarot decks sets are expensive. If you do have an opportunity to buy online, I suggest that after you made your choice of the deck, try to look for it at http://www.betterworldbooks.com/ I do suggest to buy a new (not used) deck and you might be able to find it there way cheaper than in the bookstore, plus US shipping is free.

My personal preferences are Tarot of Dreams (gorgeous deck), Robin Wood tarot, Osho-Zen tarot. I do own a lot more, which I use based on the reading I am doing.

And different people read tarot in different ways. Get your deck and try to find your own.

Good luck.

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
That is a really hard question to answer. There are hundreds of decks and as many books on the subject. I use the “Mythic Tarot” which is based on Greek Mythology. It has good artwork and comes with a book and cloth to put your spread on. The book is very mythology based though and I needed other books along with it.

I used several books when learning and found that each one gave me a slightly different slant on things and I would recommend using more than one book. Some stressed the love aspects of all the cards and others did not for example.

Barnes and Noble is good and also New Age Bookstores which will have a much larger selection and have people that can help you if you are new at this.

tarot card decks

what is the best tarot card deck to buy?
i’ve always really wanted to buy myself a tarot card deck and learn how to read them, mostly just out of interest and curiosity, but i’ve come to realize that there are many types of decks out there. i’m seeking both personal and professional advice as to what the best tarot card deck to buy is?

Suggestion by CoShoe
Just get a cheap one, and a book from the library that tells you what they mean.

Suggestion by Kenzie
I LOVE the Gilded Tarot. It’s easy to read, gorgeous pictures. It’s incredible. It’s my first deck.
And only so far. I feel such a connection, and it always steers me in the right direction.

You want something that you really feel a connection with though.

Suggestion by Pretty in Red
Not really good idea

Suggestion by wee falorie man
If you are just starting out, I would recommend buying a Rider-Waite deck; this is considered to be the standard tarot deck. Once you get the feel for it, you can look around and see which other deck (or decks) appeal to you personally and take it from there.

Have fun!

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