Where can I get a tarot reading that is not computer generated?

tarot reading

Where can I get a tarot reading that is not computer generated?
Most websites offering free tarot readings are really just randomly generated card pulls and your reading is a simple collection of the standard card meanings. Pathfinder Tarot offers a free reading to all new customers, that is conducted via email, by an educated, expereinced and certified tarot reader. You can send a request to pathfindertarot@comcast.net. Please try this service and post your opinions here. Have you ever had a tarot reading from any service? Did you find it helpful?

Suggestion by zaatheist
I can give you one – very manual and personal. But I need 100 bucks up front.

Suggestion by anthony h
No, I have never had a reading and never felt I needed that, because Jesus said, “Behold, I have foretold you all things.” I don’t dabble in the things of the occult. some do and that is their choice and preference.

*** did you know you were phishing.

Suggestion by frogma (tadpole due July 25th)
So I’m guessing this is YOUR website. This isn’t a site to advertise your scam, dear.

Suggestion by Johnnycat
it doesn’t matter… tarot cards were just a game back in the old days, and to assign spiritual significance is like to assign significance to a ouija board, the game made by parker brothers…

EDIT: in that same light, though, it’s like assigning spiritual significance to a statue or an IDOL 😉

1 Samuel 15:23, “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has also rejected you from being king.”

If it was so for Saul, why would it be any different for us?

tarot reading

Is it possible to do an accurate Tarot reading using only the Major Arcana of a deck?
More of the intricacies of Tarot would be appreciated, but my main question is if one must use the whole deck to do a single reading or if just the Major Arcana is acceptable.

And suggested spreads.

Suggestion by Faith is blind
Yeh!.. The cow jumped over the moon as well.

Suggestion by Nikonf5
It’s as possible to read the future with tarot cards, as it is to read the future with birthday cards. Both equally accurate and inaccurate.

Suggestion by Dude
I prefer a bedpsread myself, usually cotton over a down interior

Suggestion by John F
No, Tarot reading doesn’t work, no matter what cards you use.

What happens if I tell someone else what my tarot reading said?
Okay so I went to get a tarot card reading and I am not sure if I am suppose to tell someone else what the tarot reading said, which I already did. Will it affect my relationship?

Suggestion by Spyro, Destroyer of Sheep
You die

Suggestion by Sookie got Tattooed
Then they know what your tarot card reading said.

Suggestion by Govinda
No, no problem, plus discussing it you many have even more insight to the reading.

Suggestion by Terminator JPA

Nah, nothing happens.

I hope. I tell ALOT of people what mine say, that i do for myself, and others.


  1. The catcher says

    Yes it is but the major arcana represents changes or definite happenings whereas the minor arcana adds a little meat on the bones.


    The Fool might represent someone about to go out into the world and try something new with enthusiasm.

    The Fool followed by the two of swords might mean that person has a couple of choices with their new venture but to expect rows or opposition to the idea.

  2. Austin076 says

    Your assumption of an accurate reading is the part that is flawed, much less an accurate reading using only a portion of the deck. To answer the question: No you cannot get an accurate reading using a partial deck. Too many variable for the accurate reading are missing. But, a good tarot reader in need of some cash could take a reading from it anyway.

    Now, in my humble opinion, Tarot cards are not giving accurate readings anyway, and anyone who tells you different is only doing it for selfish means (money, prestige, physical favors). I read tarot cards for a long time knowing the whole time they were bogus, but, there were those out there willing to pay me a price to have them ‘read’ to them.

    For the record: Palm Reading, Aura Reading, Tarot Card Reading need 2 things to be successful: Imagination and quick thinking by the ‘reader’, and gullibility by the person wanting a reading done. There is no way to tell the future. It all works on vagueness where the person getting the reading fills in the blank, and ‘cold reading’ by the reader. These people are all scam artists, I know because I was one.

  3. Where is my mind says

    The difference between a good or bad reading using only Major Arcana is the spread used and the question asked. A very experienced reader can use just major but the full deck brings the full messages..

  4. Helen says

    Absolutely yes, The catcher explained it well.

    The Tarot is like a dictionary, so if you are only using the Major Arcana then you are using a smaller dictionary with only the main words/concepts. If you use the full deck then you have more words to work with and the answer may be more meaningful. The Major Arcana relate to major life issues, while the Minor Arcana relate to more mundane day-to-day issues.

  5. doglover says

    Yes. Some tarot decks are Major Arcana only (22 cards). good for doing 1 card, 3 cards, and 5 cards spreads. Good for questions with more spiritual nature. I will use the whole deck if doing spreads that need more cards like Celtic Cross, horseshoe, etc. And yes, the minor deal with everyday life like love, work, career, conflict, etc.

  6. Hope says

    I don’t know but I do know that the Bible states all this mumbo jumbo stuff is not of God but of evil so I do not dabble with the devil, as they say.

  7. Captain Bunkum says

    then someone else will know that you’re moronically deluded enough to believe that pieces of printed card have any meaning

  8. brandon says

    your dick will fall off and descend into a particular level of hell where rabid dogs feast upon it forever

    or the person you told just knows what your reading was. believe either one

  9. Priestess Wildflower says

    I’ve always believed not to share because in doing so you open the door to the negativity and ill intent of others. There may be people around you that may not wish you well. Your relationship may suffer further damage after you’ve shared your experience with someone who may wish for you to fail. Your relationship with your advisor is yours and your’s alone and anything you discuss is for your greater good. He or she is communing with the Divine (God) and is working as an intercessor on your behalf to assist you in manifesting your desires (if you so wish to continue). If you decide to share once you’ve received the outcome you desired ( ie. you marry that person) then do so… at your own risk.

  10. LiveReadings says

    It doesn’t make any difference at all. Your reality and future is created by a complex of elements from the subconcious thoughts you hold, your beliefs, your expectations, your vibration and your will.

    It has nothing to do with anyone else.


  11. Biddy_Tarot says

    The Tarot Reading is your personal information, so it is up to you how you want to share that information. Some people choose to keep it private, whereas others like to talk with friends about what the reading uncovered. This is entirely up to you! And rest assured, there are no negative consequences with talking about it with others.

  12. Helen says

    You are free to tell anyone about it, but bear in mind that it is very personal information so rather not discuss it with anyone that you do not trust completely and would not normally discuss your personal business with.

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