where can i get my fortune told online for free?

free fortune telling

where can i get my fortune told online for free?
i need my fortune told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer by Travis
I can see it now…its very clear that you or someone you love will have an event you have never been through before and it will change your life it will be good if you embrace it but be bad if you ignore the results

free fortune telling

is there a site that i can get my fortune told and its free and they dont ask me personal question?

Answer by lipsmackinghotauntie
ya on your yahoo home page

Answer by Earth Queen
www.llewellyn.com click on “fun and free” They do free tarot readings. It’s completely automated, no people are involved. It’s kinda good, too.

Answer by stevewbcanada
Just click this link:

free fortune telling

I want to buy a house but i dont kno if i should. i need a free fortune teller online that will tell me.?
i need a fortune teller that will tell me if this is a good time to make an investment as big as buying a house. and if its the best thing to do too. thanks

Answer by jypcee3000
Now is not the time…wait…next year looks better….stay where you’re at…you will be buying a house from the person that owns the property of where you live now…Good Luck

Answer by nupakry
if you have sufficiant funds ..then perhaps this is the best time. The value may increase by next year.

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  1. Thiri Kyi Phyu says

    Please help me.. My husband is so angry to me and want to leave me. But I can’t do that. I want to know how about our condition ?? How can I do??

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