where can I have tarot cards printed?

where can I have tarot cards printed?
I am making a custom set of tarot cards, but I don’t know any printing companies that will print them. does anyone know of a company that will print them; or any ways to seal and make the cards durable at home? I’d also like to keep the cost as low as possible, but any help is appreciated.

Answer by Webwise
Any printer can make tarot cards. Check on the internet or in your local phone book for the one nearest you. You can order specialized card stock with the acrylic finish for durability and it would outdo anything you might do at home and will look more professional also. They may even offer to redo the graphics from your samples as some printers have to generate their equipment from a computer.

do you think that you can predict your future with tarot cards?
Do you think that you can predict your future with tarot cards?

Answer by starcherub
Yes and no.

Sometimes the cards really do show what winds up to be. Many times though, they don’t show anything of the future, and just show the present, or even the past, or something completely unrelated to time.

Other times, the cards are there as a focus tool, to let your mind tune into the future to see what can happen.

Personally I believe that they are only tools, that they help you get in tune with what you really want in your heart. Say, for example, that you get a spread of cards that says you will have a job in medicine, and you don’t really want that. Then the cards serve to clarify your desires, even though your desires may not be in the cards. On the other hand, some people who get the same spread may react with joy and use the cards as a catalyst to achieve their dreams. It is all up to the individual how the cards will affect their lives.

Answer by vid
Simply yes! There are some talented readers out there. However, there are also some bad ones. I have been reading Tarot for 15+ years, and I know when a certain card comes up in a certain position that I’ll receive a check in the mail. Tarot is eerily accurate for me, but again, I think it depends on how good the reader is.

Answer by Shiori_hime
I think they show you possible results. However, the future isn’t set in stone, and the cards can’t make anything happen. I think it’s better to see them as a tool or guide for focusing your thoughts and meditations than as any kind of set-in-stone predictor of the future.

Answer by SadharaSatguru

Tarot are a wonderful tool, they will show you probable future pathways should you not make any changes to your thought patterns.


tarot cards

Is the ouija board more dangerous than tarot cards?
I hear a lot of bad things about the ouija board but not too many bad things about tarot cards. Both are used predict things.

And please no answers about how you think they’re fake and how they are just made of paper, cardboard, wood, etc.
Mitchell, I’ve never used a ouija board. That’s why I ask. I’ve heard so many negative things about them that I’m scared to use them.

Answer by Lea T
A ouija board is used (supposedly) to contact spirits, good and bad.

Answer by bullhound93
definatly. ouiga boards invoke evil spirits and give them form. tarots dont require spirits, just yourself

Answer by Mitchell S
Why don’t you go play tennis or swim instead of playing with a ouija board?
Are you curious about a guy? Yeah, he’ll like you if you tone up your hips and stop hanging out with gypsies.

Answer by Malcolm Turnbull
Tarot Cards work by channeling your own subconscious, ie, not that dangerous. But Ouija boards work by invoking other spirits, so some potential for mishap, depending on the spirits.


  1. Kuve says

    Both were originally created for use as parlor games, neither was originally intended for divination, in the case of the Ouija the name and supposed magical history were invented in 1901 as a marketing ploy.

    What the Bible forbids is the act of Divination itself, not any specific tools, there are techniques for divining using just a glass of clear water, what matters is the will and intent of the user. It’s the carpenter not the tools that builds a chair, it’s the same with Divination.

  2. Catholic and Pro- Life :) says

    Ouija boards are extremily dangerous. and tarrots are too. If you are thinking you want to use a ouija board I would think again.

  3. Katherine S says

    There is nothing dangerous about tarot cards. They rely on the strength from inside a person, not on some outside force. Unfortunately, that also means it’s easy for the one reading the cards to make them come up the way he/she wants or expects them to rather than revealing any real wisdom. That’s what happens most of the time for me, and for other people I know who use them.

    I have tried a ouija board, but it didn’t do anything for me, so I can’t comment on whether or how those might work.

  4. Rev. Lynn D. says

    I wouldn’t suggest using a Ouija Board if you don’t know how to spiritually protect yourself. It is possible to attract less evolved spirits when using the board and it can be an unpleasant experience.

    The Tarot cards are a safer route to take for someone inexperienced.

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