Where do we get free fortune-telling advices pls?

free fortune telling

Where do we get free fortunetelling advices pls?
I just want to ask some on personal events in my life whether they come natural or external-driven…;) Thanks!

Answer by bigjacq1129
the weather channel

Answer by cooldudeswithgansters

Answer by gleopathra
Go to China Lol

Answer by Angela M
That isn’t fortune telling, thats spiritual guidance. There’s a difference. You need to look inside you first… There’s no such thing as a free, in-person reading unless you know a witch or wiccan… and we aren’t always so gifted as all that…

free fortune telling

What website tells the best fortune telling for free?
i am like so confuse with me and my bf and my ex bf….i want to know who am i gone a end up with…is there any fortune telling website that i could go to

Answer by T L
don’t use any fortune telling website, go see one in person.

Answer by mizz2good2007

Answer by Megan O
Really consider this, would you leave your love life in the hands of cyberspace? No. You need to think about this for yourself, and remember why your ex is your ex, as well as remember why you’re with who you’re with now.

Answer by Dstephan
you will end up with……neither if they find out your trying to decide using the internet fortune tellers

free fortune telling

what is the best free fortune telling website on thenet?

Answer by flowerlover12003
If you find one, let me know.

Answer by lunefille7
Don’t know about fortune-telling so much, but the best monthly astrology site is astrologyzone.com

Answer by SunShine
My favorite is horoscope.com Its great! You can check ur color, stone, and it tells you great stuff about your personality… And its free!

Answer by titania
My favorite horoscope telling link is the one below. I visit it once daily. It tells truths.It’s free and has many free links too.

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  1. Ms. Switch says

    While some people can actually “see” or “know” things by extra-sensory means, much of what is called fortune-telling is really just a way of focussing attention and of recognizing trends in your life and possibilities for the future.

    My advice is to find a tarot deck you like and learn to use it. You might be surprized at how much you can help yourself.

  2. trustar360 says

    lol all of those fortune telling website are fake…….. dont let them fool you ….the only reason they are probably on a website is because of the advertising that pay money to keep them running

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