Why are tarot cards and horoscopes bad?

tarot cards

Why are tarot cards and horoscopes bad?
Is there scripture that condemns this directly?? I don’t really believe in these things but they are entertaining. I just want to be educated on what the bible says so that I can make a knowledgeable decision on whether to continue to use these as sources of entertainment! Thank you all!!
Lol Its funny how people manage to go out of their way to be rude…Just a simple question here, no need to call anyone an idiot!

Answer by Just Some Dude
Not “bad” really, just nonsense. Tarot cards are no more “evil” than regular playing cards. the horoscope section is no more “evil” than the “Sally’s Good Advice” column.

Answer by Be a fair witness
They aren’t magical but they are not intrensically bad.

They are only a bad influence if you begin to think they are magical.

Frankly, without the magic, I think they are pretty boring.

Answer by Rob
Their bad for society. They make people more superstitious and therefore stupider. But there’s nothing evil about them. If you want be an idiot, go ahead, check your horoscope.

Answer by dreamofdjinni
The old testament forbids this activity. i think it is party-pooping to forbid it, but i am just one person.

tarot cards
tarot cards


  1. PAM says

    are there ..yes there are but im too tired to think of them…….. well ur conjuring up a buncha crap into ur life for starters ………. its mostly stupid who wants to read their horoscope every day seriously? READ about adam and eve getting tossed out of a garden and noahs ark if that doesnt convince you i dont know what would…….

  2. The First Dragon says

    The Bible condemns seeking advice from magical sources, consulting the spirits of the dead, divination and consulting omens.
    Tarot cards, if taken seriously, are a way of divination and consulting omens.
    The Bible seems to give tacit approval to astrology, since the Magi who followed a star to find Jesus were astrologers. Most horoscopes, though, are mostly junk.
    I don’t really believe in astrology, but if you are interested you might investigate the uses of astrology by Christians. Over the centuries, some Christians have practiced astrology without undermining their faith in God.
    Now if you really think the Tarot or horoscope results are valid, and consider ordering your life in accordance with them, I would say avoid them. But if you are just having fun, I don’t see any harm in it.
    In fact I can see a useful possibility for them. When you get the prediction, look inside yourself and see how you feel about it. This may help bring out your inner thoughts and feelings, which in turn can help you make better decisions.

  3. hairypotto says

    Nothing is bad in itself only how it’s used.
    Most people who charge money for tarot readings or horoscopes are fakes.
    to do your own horoscope is very difficult and in my experience too vague
    Reading the tarot is much easier and only you can really know what your card layout means to you because only you live in your reality created by your daily life experiences. find a deck that resonates with you and use the written meanings as a starting point only.
    For me the Hanson Roberts deck
    works best Your mileage may vary…

    The tarot was developed in the middle ages long after the bible was established in it’s present form.
    It was originally used to preserve knowledge the Roman Catholic Church wanted suppressed.

  4. froufrou says

    i dont know any scriptures about it, but im sure there are a few paragraphs about occult somewhere in the bible, they are paganesque in origin so sadly they will be seen as ‘bad’ by christianty

    but its good your willing to learn and make up your own mind

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